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Christmas special After saving London from the alien Ordrulfe at christmas, the doctor spent a day watching Tv xmas specials on an old television set. He fell asleep and dreamt that he was on Eric and Ern show receiving an award for his battles against evil. Which that went away in Scandinavia, Jamie was wounded by a vicious barbarian called Vignor. The Doctor and his friends were saved by Bior and joined his tribe. He soon discovered Bior was using magic to transform himself and his tribe into bears to protect their village. When Vignor attacked the village and killed Biors younge son, he went on a vengeful attac, slaughtering men, women and children. The doctor was forced to trap Bior in his form as a bear forever after he killed Vignor. Goodwill to all men Unimpressed by zoes haughty demeanour, the doc took her to Los Angeles in 1999 at Christmas to teach her a lesson in humility. They helped to provide food, drink and shelter for the homeless and the poor. the 57th The Doc and Nys were asked to investigate the duplication of a scientist at a reserch base on the inhospitable world of Fraternity. They found the duplicate believed himself to.be the ambassador of planet and saved base leader Sarah Emmins from a kidnapping and murder attempt. the duplicate opens an airlock after being disarmed by the doc and the vicious storm claims the life on many researchers, and the duplicate. After shutting down the base, he and Nyssa went on holiday to recover from their ordeal.

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