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Note to Self -- posted on January 11, 2006
Remember this post, may do it:

Hello! We're going to be starting a new set of editors, specifically in charge of gathering certain information for the site in general. The geek in me has decided to call this group of people Section 31. If that doesn't sound familiar, check info on Star Trek to find out more.

Basically, these editors will be in charge of gathering information for specific areas, based on the editor position they take. These people will be given a specific title, and be granted extended access to the website in order to do the job. Instead of posting random material, they'll actually be assigned to look for specific stuff and update the areas accordingly. There will be two Global Editors assigned over the project to make sure you're doing the work, and to help you with any difficulties you may have in obtaining info.

Here are the list of positions we've created so far, along with a brief description:

Disk Jockey: Will post news for shows coming out on DVD in the News section of those shows.
Photog: This editor is in charge of finding pictures for both shows and people. (Enough Applications For Now)
Biographer: This one requires some work. This editor will be in charge of looking up the hardcore biographical information, as well as putting together a decent biography with what info they can find. This includes the standard info, such as birthdays, real names, death info, etc.
Inquirer: This person will report news on actors/actresses/bands in the guide.
News Hawk: Reporter for current shows. Cast & crew changes, awards, new seasons, etc.
Ghostwriter: Reporter for old shows. Developments, syndication, anything of merit or value for that show. Like if the cast reunites, the rights are sold off, etc.
Ink Slinger: Reporter for new shows. Products in development, developments just been signed, pilot debuts, etc.

A few things to point out. First and foremost, you must be a Level 2 Editor or higher. Think of it as your resume, showing us the work you've already done. Second, since most of these positions require you to look up info, you must credit the places they come from. If you got it from the New York Times, post the link. Third, these positions will be monitored for the amount of work you do. We want to update the site as best we can, not people looking for power.

There will be more to discuss, but that's for when we have the positions filled. Please send a short PM to Sebrioth as to what position you want and why. If you have any questions, feel free to post them below. Comment >>

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