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  Thursday, July 17th 2008 9:32 pm  
» Bon Jovi: best band ever?
Now that I've got your attention, I've got some advertising to do.

I recently started a forum, but have only invited a few friends so far. It's basically a place for rock fans to talk about their favorite bands, instruments, or just anything in general. So yeah, I'd appreciate it if some of you guys stopped by for a while. Thanks in advance.

And to answer my own question, no, Bon Jovi is not the best band ever. I actually extremely dislike them.
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Posted on Thursday, July 17th 2008 9:40 pm 
We gotta hooold on to what we got. It doesn't make a difference if we make it or not. We got each other.. and that's a lot. For love - well give it a shot.

WHOOOOOAH! Half way there!!

Ok, I'll stop.

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Posted on Friday, July 18th 2008 7:49 am 
Ryan's comment made me laugh. And sing in my head. *shakes fist*

How can you dislike Bon Jovi? They singlehandedly changed the 80s with "Slippery When Wet."

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Posted on Friday, July 18th 2008 8:44 am 
I bet Richie Sambora must hate playing Living on a Prayer after all these years. I heard a recent concert version of the song and the talkbox sounded weaker than his younger days

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Posted on Friday, July 18th 2008 4:41 pm 
I'm already a member there. Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name.

Yes, Bon Jovi sucks. The only song I liked even a little bit was Wanted Dead or Alive, and the song wasn't that great other than the riff.
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Posted on Friday, July 18th 2008 9:09 pm 
Yeah, Dead or Alive is a decent song, probably their best.

And Bon Jovi isn't my least favorite band, but they are just in the bottom 20.

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Posted on Sunday, July 20th 2008 1:06 pm 
I actually like only 1 song of bon jovi; Dry country.

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Posted on Monday, July 21st 2008 5:47 pm 
OK, Bon Jovi's got a few catchy songs, but that doesn't make them the best band ever. My favorite is "Runaway."
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Posted on Monday, July 21st 2008 9:39 pm 
Don't you hate it when you accidentally start a discussion about Bon Jovi?

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Posted on Wednesday, July 23rd 2008 11:29 am 
That forum looks cool, I'll join.

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Posted on Wednesday, July 30th 2008 1:14 pm 
I've already been a member for a while now. Thank God the Bon Jovi thing was just a joke. For a second there I lost all faith in you.

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