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Cokebeard's blogs from January, 2011

  Monday, January 31st 2011 1:19 am  
Topic: Is a Recap newsworthy?
Mood: curious
Message: so, i was wandering about the site and went to the Latest News section and noticed that most... like three quarters of it was news about an episode of a show having a recap. now, i get it. recaps are wonderful to have on the site. they add a lot. they are not easy to do. BUT are they really newsworthy. do they need to clog up the Latest News section. i don't believe that was its intended purpose. truth be told, i don't care for them in there.... personal opinion. maybe there could be a section (just below Latest News) for Latest Recaps. it could be linked to a section on every show page for latest recaps where someone could post that a recap is completed.

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