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  Sunday, December 14th 2008 12:16 am  
» Aiko the Android's Sexual Crisis
I've been following the story about Aiko [link] for about a year now, and I was surprised to see this article on Sympatico's main page:

"Modest inventor shies from sex; hopes his lady robot will be used for good" --The Canadian Press

Since I am a dork, seeing real-life androids and robots is really cool to me. It's a real robot girl! We're probably gonna have an Astro Boy running around by 2012! As of now, Aiko's got enhanced memory and sensory, and I think she can move one leg.

Only thing that really annoys me is that everyone associates "robot girl" with "sex". There's overhanging sexualism across the entire story, and seeing pictures of Aiko dressed in anime costumes and always having a face like :U doesn't make it better.

"We've just made the first robot woman!"
"You're going to use it as a worker, or maybe engineer its limbs into prosphetics, right?"
"Nope, we're gonna sell basic models of her to lonely geeks!"

I really wish everyone would look at Aiko and think "amazing" instead of "I wonder if it's got a vagina." I guess Wall-E is right now the most advanced robot that people won't get weird ideas about.

I'm like Fry in this situation... I actually think it would be kind of cool to be friends with a robot.


EDIT: Okay, never mind; turns out this robot crab is smaller than my hand. I was hoping it be the size of a large dinner plate, so I could have it walk around and deliver stuff (or my cat).


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