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More Chocolate, Less Candy Coating! -- posted on January 15, 2006
One of my all time favorite candies is M&M's. With delicious chocolate on the inside and pretty colored candy coating on the outside. And if I could go Metaphorical for a moment, I think TV.com is a lot like an M&M, except without the chocolate part. Sure it's got the shiny coating with the M's on it, but you bite into and it's just air in there. TV.com has no chocolately treat. It's all show and no substance! Now, while a candy coating is nice, given the choice, I'll take the chocolate. (Mmm.) My site, on the other hand, is more chocolate and less candy. It has some candy, but <a href='http://betaboards.gotdns.com/teleguides'>TeleGuides</a> is mostly made of up that satisfying chocolatey reward we deserve from our candy/websites. TVRage? Well, it's ok, but it's more like one of those disfigured kidney shaped M&M's. It's just not quite right. So, if anyone wants a simple, easy to use TV based website with more substance than show, head on over to TeleGuides! You may say "Why? I'm happy here." Well, what do you have to lose? I'm asking you just to take TeleGuides for a week (or even 10 minutes.) By the word of Digger3000, you won't regret it. I'm on my honor! :} ;) Comment >>


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