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Hey Hey. My name's Sam (short for Samantha), but you can call be Digigirl555, Digigirl, Digi, or if you want, just Sam. Anyways, I'm 15, and I live in what is possibly the most boring state ever (what fun), I go to a local HS (also boring) and I have possibly the world's weirdest friends (not so boring). I love almost any animation/anime show, I love to read and write (you should see my fanfic account), and I'm practically attached to my computer. If you wanna chat sometime, IM me at the above AIM address, or send me a message, whichever. Gotta go, byebye! ~Sam

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A little surprised... -- posted on September 22, 2006
I was kind of surprised by what happened in the Avatar episode, "The City of Walls and Secrets". I mean, Ba Sing Se is supposed to be the last Earth Kingdom stronghold, but they from the looks of it they weren't doing anything about the war. Like I said, I was a tad surprised...

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