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Met the Haitian & Eden from Heroes + Eureka cast + photos -- posted on October 22, 2007
They were at the London MCM Expo this weekend. Was very good and I got autographs with the three Eureka cast members and chatted with them then had a photoshoot with them and later with Jimmy and Nora from Heroes. The Eureka cast were fantastic, really down to earth, friendly, fun and talkative. Erica remembered my name in the photoshoot :love: and Ed (asked about my shaved eyebrow earlier) was like: "Gotta get the eyebrow in!" Funny and charming guy! Also got an extra photo with Jordan after the autograph as she was sat on the end and it was easier to take one with her. She was also very nice and I spoke about her hair colour change and she asked me what I thought about it, very easy to talk to.

I only met Jimmy and Nora in the photoshoot - they too were nice, Jimmy was funny and a little crazy whilst Nora was quiet but very sweet and lovely. I was in the Heroes talk as well and my favourite part was when Jimmy answered a question with a high-pitched: "YATTA!" He also kept pulling Nora in and kissing her on the head, lolz.

Jordan Hinson (Zoe Carter)

Partial Erica + Ed + Jordan

Marina Sirtis - looking good for 52

Erica Cerra (Jo Lupo)

Billy Campbell + Jeff Combs + Jacqueline McKenzie

Nora Zehetner (Eden McCain) + Jimmy Jean-Louis (the Haitian)

Nora Zehetner (Eden McCain)

Ed Quinn (Nathan Stark) - a fan asks for a photo and Ed, being the gentleman that he is, gladly obliges

No jerks to report of this time. Or famous people blanking fans (*cough* Hayden Panetierre *cough*).

This coming weekend... Matt Parkman and Ando Masahashi! Comment >>

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