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Thanks to The_Unknown for my banner above. He created it, and I love it. Also, I was FuManchu at TV Tome, and FuManchu-tvt at the other place.

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Brushing Up With Actor Grant Shaud -- posted on January 25, 2008
Pretty cool! I was trying to place a guest star I saw in a recent “Law & Order” episode “Misbegotten (18x03),” and realized he was the guy from the show “Murphy Brown;” Grant Shaud (Miles Silverberg).

Strange thing is he went to my High School and was one year behind me (Conestoga SHS in PA.). Although I never noticed him, a fellow classmate told me about the fact after Grant became a star.

Yep, his picture is right there in my Senior Year Book as a Junior :)

Nine degrees of separation? I guess. Comment >>

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