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  Sunday, June 10th 2012 7:34 pm  
» 4000 and 70
Mood: accomplished
Oh, been a while. Figured I'd wait to write a thousand more recaps before I posted another blog. Since I just hit 4000...

It's been a busy 2011-12 season, with... House, Supernatural, Person of Interest, Fringe, Grimm, Once Upon a Time, Young Justice, Green Lantern, American Horror Story, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Dirk Gently, Haven, Warehouse 13, Alphas, Leverage, Awake, and The River. Of course, some of those shows didn't last long, didn't expect some to last long (Awake and The River).

Dirk Gently, Awake, The River, and House all off the air.

I don't plan on picking up a lot new this season. Arrow is about the only newbie right now. Problem is, everyone is cramming their shows into Fall 2012. Warehouse 13 got a 7-episode extension, Haven won't start until the fall, and Doctor Who won't start until the fall, either. Fringe is only going to run 13 weeks instead of 20, but still, it's going to be a tight few months from September to December. Let's see, that's... Warehouse 13, Alphas, Supernatural, Arrow, American Horror Story, Person of Interest, Grimm, Fringe, Haven, Young Justice, Green Lantern, Leverage, and Once Upon a Time on a week-by- week basis. Should keep me busy.

I've been catching up on old and one-shot stuff as well. Wrapped up The Fades, Jekyll, H.G. Wells' Invisible Man, Men Into Space, Three Inches and The Martian Chronicles (RIP Ray Bradbury). I've been plodding along on Wild Wild West week by week as MeTV shows it. Mission Impossible I've been cruising along pretty well up to the 6th season. And filling in lots of cast, crew, and photo galleries for this, that, and the other. So I'm keeping busy.

Currently editing 70 shows, but of course most of them are inactive with minimum traffic. Let's see, that makes... 48 Phase 4 shows.

Oh well, see you in another 1,000 recaps.


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