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This is a disgrace. -- posted on June 2, 2006
I was banned for somthing MANY other members did. I was banned for making a different account, Pet_Rock, and many other people (Hellspizza, not_holophoner, EvilRyan) made seperate accounts and they didn't even get a suspension. They ALSO acted like someone else, and even tried to be different people. I never spammed on Pet_Rock or disliked tvrage until I was banned for something MANY other people did. I find that unfair, and which is why I am furious at you guys, I thought this was going to be a fair place.

EDIT: Fine guys, if you don't want me here I'll leave, even when my suspension is realeased. I have other places where I can frolick freely. It was nice being here.

Wisecrack, I am not mad that you guys suspended me for giving out my password or making a new account, but have found this place dull and know I am unwanted. I am annoying to you guys and my contributions are useless. I'm not leaving, getting people's pitty (if they even care), and then coming back, cause me and some of my good friends here have a website, MY website. So, it was a fun time, and I will miss you guys, so have a good time here.
EDIT: Murdock said I was banned, you showed me my reasons for being suspended, and I'll accept my suspension. Adios guys! I shall be here!
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