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  Saturday, June 28th 2008 4:10 pm  
» My first proper blog
(My mood is "meh" but there isn't a "meh" option).

Hello, ladies and gentleman and members of all androynous species. I've decided, on a whim really, that I'm going to start writing a blog of recent events in my life which will hopefully help me sort out my thoughts and whatnot. It's either this or post videos on Youtube but I don't have a camera and, anyway, I don't know how to post videos anyway.

Well, first year of college is over, only three more to go. There were quite a few embarrassing moments and I'm kicking myself for not going out more but on the whole I really enjoyed it. Most importantly, I made new friends. That doesn't exactly come easily for me so that was a bit of a source of significant worry, I have to say. But everything turned out for the best and I've got myself a new loyal posse of slightly odd people who mock me for being the oddest of the bunch by miles. Seriously though, we had a lot of laughs over the year and they're all very nice people.

On the academic side of things, I enjoyed the course a lot. Some of the lecturers were very engaging and made me genuinely interested in the stuff and some, well, weren't to put it politely. One in particular liked to talk about orgy sofas which I found disturbing to say the least. But it was as funny as hell! Unfortunately, I'll probably be having that particular lecture, very possibly the most boring man on Earth, for umpteen other modules over the next three years. I passed all my Christmas and Summer exams. I was a bit disappointed with one or two results but overall I can't complain. After two bloody Leaving Certs, I've had my fill of exams but many more are in front of me unfortunately. Jesus, I'm starting to depress myself now. Okay, on to the lighter stuff!

I turned 21 last month and it was very weird. In some ways, I feel much holder and in other ways I don't think I've changed since I was about 12! Maybe it would've been different if I had more friends of my own age but a lot of them are at least a year younger than me so I don't feel 21 since I don't know many people who are since my peers are oddly enough a few years younger than me. One of the major drawbacks of never having a single friend older than me. On one level, I love being the oldest of the group since I'm my parents' youngest child and my grandparents' grandchild but, on another level, I get sick of it and just wish I was more like everyone else in that and other ways. I hope this stream of conciousness thing makes sense to people but these thoughts have been swimming around in my mind for months. I needed it get it off my chest.

Actually, that wasn't very light at all...

Well, here ends my first blog. Next one will be more cheerful, I promise! I plan to write the next one at the end of July, give or take. Hopefully, I'll have something more interesting to talk about! I wouldn't count on it but, hey, maybe aliens will invade or I'll find out that I'm find out that I'm the rightful heir to the throne of some makey-uppy country in Eastern Europe by then.

Signing off, Gus. Keep it real, people. Whatever the hell that means...
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Posted on Sunday, June 29th 2008 5:03 pm 
Well congrats on the first "proper" blog. Ever written any "improper" ones?

I also love the term "makey-uppy." I'm gonna start using that.


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