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So...this is...my profile. A little on the blank side but meh. It'll do. It's homey enough for me to like. So in order to kill time, I'm going to do the shuffle dance! *Shuffle shuffle* oh and because I get asked this so many times...yes, I'm a girl, yes i have a girlfriend. Done, done and done.

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Humblah Out -- posted on September 26, 2006
Yes...it's true...I too am leaving the Rage. Not leaving leaving...more...taking a break. Mayhaps you have noticed my decline in posting or mayhaps you haven't, I wasn't all that big a poster to begin with. Irregardless, college is finally picking up and with comp sci and calc shelling out homework by the dish load, not to mention psych and japanese cinema...I have to start managing my time a little better.

Most importantly, it feels like the general spirit of the board has died. After reading Ryan's blog, I felt like the Rage spirit in me had died. Sad, true, but inevitable.

I will finish up my guides...that I promise...but don't expect me to post a lot or at all. Maybe once in a blue moon I'll come back. I leave the Rage in younger hands I guess.

Keep going, true believers.

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