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  Monday, September 25th 2006 10:58 pm  
» Humblah Out
Yes...it's true...I too am leaving the Rage. Not leaving leaving...more...taking a break. Mayhaps you have noticed my decline in posting or mayhaps you haven't, I wasn't all that big a poster to begin with. Irregardless, college is finally picking up and with comp sci and calc shelling out homework by the dish load, not to mention psych and japanese cinema...I have to start managing my time a little better.

Most importantly, it feels like the general spirit of the board has died. After reading Ryan's blog, I felt like the Rage spirit in me had died. Sad, true, but inevitable.

I will finish up my guides...that I promise...but don't expect me to post a lot or at all. Maybe once in a blue moon I'll come back. I leave the Rage in younger hands I guess.

Keep going, true believers.

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Posted on Monday, September 25th 2006 11:15 pm 

But you gotta do what you gotta do.

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Posted on Monday, September 25th 2006 11:19 pm 
I guess I missed the point here. I am here to add TV show content. Blogging is like a fun after sport. Am I missing something? This comment is not directed at you; it’s just something that’s been building up for some time with me.

I do agree that school should come first. No argument on that. My point is that blogs and forum posts are the add-ons here, not what this site’s primary mission is about. It was also not what TV Tome’s focus was about.

Forum and blogs going bad? I guess many of us didn’t notice. Sorry to post my thought here, but I guess I just had to get this off my mind.

PS – What Ryan Blog? I guess I missed it.

I mean no offence to anyone here; I’m just confused.

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Posted on Tuesday, September 26th 2006 12:50 pm 
Awww man.....

Well enjoy your life and I look foward to when you occasionally return.


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Posted on Tuesday, September 26th 2006 1:14 pm 
Well, I can kinda see her point about the forums/blogs declining. I mean, not to bash the forumgoers, but you gotta admit that both the main boards and the blogs are looking a little bit dead. (In relative to their wild activity when the site started). I don't really see how anyone can be confused, when's the last time Offtopic/Bored had more than 6 posts in one day in seperate threads?

And "the site's primary mission"? (I don't mean to be rude, but I've heard this line a lot and it annoys me). I mean, I get what you're saying, but at the same time there's no rule that demands you "put the content first". The fact is alot of the site's visitors come here for the friendly forums, TVRage requires no obligation to contribute content. If you want to make Rage your second job, that's fine, but not everyone think that way. Sebrioth is the only one who really needs to be thinking of it as an obligation, because for him, it is. (Unless some of you are still pissy over TV.com, in which case I must respectfully tell you to grow up).

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Posted on Tuesday, September 26th 2006 8:02 pm 
So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye

I'd better see you back when SotC comes out!


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