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I'm a small-l libertarian, and it shows in my outlook. As individual, people are capable of remarkably impressive decency and kindness (and evil, of course) -- but collect them into a mob and there is no end to the shreklikeit that can result.

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Timezone: Jul 26th, 2014, 4:02 am
Level: 4 (64%)
Forum Posts: 279
Submitted Reviews: 11
Contribution Points: 1594.5
Submissions As Editor: 2385
Approved Submissions: 824
Rejected Submissions: 21
Real Name: Nick
Location: Florida, US
Occupation: Programmer, Tester, Tech Writer
Favorite Singers/Music Bands: Madrugada, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Garbage, Nickleback, Pearl Jam, Split Enz, Was Not Was
Favorite Actors/Actresses: anyone not jumping up to express his/her vast plethora of poltical and economic knowledge derived as a result of a high school education.
Favorite Song: ask me what it is today.
Favorite Movies: Fight Club, Snatch, The Matrix, Terminator II, American Beauty, Star Trek, Rope, Rear Window, Seven Year Itch, You Can't Take It With You
Favorite Movie Directors: Movies -- John Cameron, Hitchcock, Billy Wilder --- TV: Joss Whedon, Steven Moffat (ok, not a *director*), Brian Fuller
Favorite Books: SF mostly.
Favorite Authors: Heinlein, S.M.Stirling, John Barnes, David Gerrold, Larry Niven, Harry Turtledove
Favorite Sport: Sport? Sport? What is sport? (OK, College Football. That's it)
Favorite Quote/Idiom/Sentence: The graveyards are filled with indispensible men.
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