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  Wednesday, September 1st 2010 8:51 pm  
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Hello People. I have not posted blogs in a while. I don't post in the forums much. I am submitting information to the TVRage website and i am also writing Trivia to be submitted later. I think work very hard and try to work as fast as I can.

But what do you think? What do you know about me on this website? Who remembers me? Please give your opinions, facts, and advice on how well of a member of TVRage I am based on behavior and contributions. I know I am not perfect, But i would like to know other views.

I am a member of many websites, and most of them I log in every once in a while. Some of them I work very hard in. I also take care of myself and all of life's responsibilities...all to the point of exhaustion.

I joined a website Friday last week. Today I got banned forever. I like vintage computers and getting the most out of them. I do not believe a computer is obsolete after one year. I also don't like how computers are made for Microsoft Windows and Unix. Mac OS X is Unix-Like and Linux is Unix-Like. Neither Microsoft Windows nor Unix are perfect operating systems. I have

g3 imacs for example. And I do internet searches to troubleshoot them. I was curious about improving quality of FLV and SWF videos. In other words, animations by Adobe Flash. A combinition of limited hardware and Adobe Flash unsupporting lots of types of hardware includiong g3 makes internet viewing difficult, and I was looking for a solution.

I did an internet search and found two convincing websites. One had a solution... lowendmac website. The Mac-Forums ...The Ultimate Source For Your Mac... did not. I decided to

add the solution. The other members could have done much better. All I said was "You are all In-Correct." and then I explained why. I was not rude, I did not cuss, I did not personally attack other members... I only kept on topic about the member's posts...not the members.

Also, like I do on here, I used colors, fonts, and also sizes. Their default text is small and a light, dull grey. It is difficult for me to read and they actually mentioned that I should magnify the page instead. Apparently, my username, In-Correct, and my selection of colors, sizes, and fonts were offensive and they said it was yelling.

I believe that yelling is all caps, and all in bold, italics, and underline. Cuss words are also frequently used when yelling and also personal attacks.

I did none of that. All I did was post feedback about a solution, and then before I knew, another member was saying that I should go back to high school to learn how to communicate over the internet. I responded that I only mentioned about the posts and did not make any personal attacks. The same person responded saying that I was the one bringing in personal problems (actually problems with the website's hard-to-read text) and implied I needed therapy.

I reported this member; Nothing was done.

Several moderators are extremely rude. And none of the members appear to be researching to help find solutions to people mentioning problems and are even rude to other members asking questions. I posted in the Community Discussions And Feedback forum about Colors, Sizes, and Fonts. Basically: Either don't edit them, or don't have the feature to begin with. I read nothing in the Terms Of Service thing regarding the use of colors, sizes, and fonts.

I also don't believe that a member signing up, posting a post and then other posts, and selecting a User Name and also Text isn't any reason for people to harrass me. Rules are rules, but some got away with breaking them.

I was accused of being a troll and then banned forever, and told to go troll somewhere else. I don't troll, and I never have once.

I only have a few websites with bad experiences:

TV dot come website, people deleting my reviews
Wikipedia website,
epinions website,
and the worst one. mac-forums website.

I don't think they are the ultimate source. They don't have solutions for every mac problem, And they certainly don't appear to be interested in being a popular website since they ban members within a week. There is too much immaturity on that website.

They don't delete acconts; What is the point of banning members forever and not letting them delete accounts. It took me a few hours before feeling unwelcome and I attempted to delete my account. They don't do that.

If I may, I remember tshee who posted numerous threads that had extremely graphic violent pictures. Does anybody here think I am this type of member.

Does anybody have problems with the colored posts? Do they give you headaches? Or, do they keep you from squinting? Nobody on this website has mentioned to me an extreme hate for my colored text.

I feel alone in my experiences with this website. Has anybody

else had problems with other websites? besides TV dot come website and wikipedia website? If so, please share that if you'd like to.

I am trying to figure things out.

Also, I would like to post the link for everybody here to see for yourself, but I will wait for responses because I think that it might be spamming... I am not sure???? I am not posting any advertisements, and I am certainly not appearing to be a yelling troll.

Actually, what do I have to lose????

http://www.mac-forums.com/forums/apple-desktops/185202-youtube-imac-g3-post1104132.html I also posted in Community Suggestions And Feedback.

And and all feed back is appreciated, please and thank you.

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Posted on Wednesday, September 1st 2010 9:08 pm 
I don't really like your colored posts but that's a matter of preference. I can still read them. You're certainly free to make colored posts as long as they don't violate any of a site's rules.

Like you I've had problems on other sites. Try Rivals.com sometime or any political site, be it liberal or conservative. I think I'm banned from about six or seven different team sites on Rivals. I got banned from one site for AGREEING with one of their fans that their head football coach was a jackass. I'm banned from another site on Rivals and I can't even remember posting there.

I think the best advice I could give you is to not let the negativity you found on one particular site get you down and sour your internet experience. That's always the philosophy I've gone by. What you will do is, of course, up to you.


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Posted on Wednesday, September 8th 2010 3:46 am 
I've seen you around from time to time. You really oughta post in the forums more. And by the way, would you be interested in playing a Rage game? See the recreation forum.

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Posted on Wednesday, September 22nd 2010 6:06 pm 
the colored post makes my eyes bleed.


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