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Some of you fellow TV ragers might know me as JLUmember1 from Shineybluelogo.com. I have recently departed from there fully, retiring from all of my guides there. Since I have left there, I have become more of a devoted Rager than I ever was. I've been working hard to complete guides, though the main guide I've been working on is Legion of Superheroes -- a show that has yet to premiere, though I have begun to dig the entire premise of the series. It may become on of my favorites. My favorite television show on the tube right now is Legion of Super Heroes. The show has a feel that Justice League Unlimited had, which brought it up to a close second on my favorites shows list. A list of guides I retired from: Celebrity Deathmatch The Flintstones Tiny Toon Adventures The Angry Beavers Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Melissa Peterman Reba McEntire Tara Strong Marv Wolfman Mark Waid Gretchen Wilson James Avery Nicole Sullivan Rino Romano Paul Dini Ryan Stiles Alan Burnett Cow and Chicken What's New Scooby-Doo? Krypto: the Superdog SuperFriends The Fantastic Four Yes, Dear I may get some of those guides in the future, though I'm fine with the guides I have right now. If you need to contact me, use the personal message system. Don't ever ask me for personal information. I don't care if your a staff member of the site, or not, I won't tell you and you'll be waisting my time and yours. I have problems with spelling/grammar, so if you see things wrong in my guides, please fix the errors or personal message me.

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Just Got FireFox -- posted on October 25, 2006
And I love it allot! It is much, much faster than Internet Explorer (at least in my opinion.) And, it even corrects your spelling right on the spot. This browser is really going to help me when it comes to contributing! :yes:

If you suck at spelling, like I do, this is a good browser for you. :yes: Comment >>

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