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  Thursday, September 28th 2006 4:05 pm  
» I'll be away...
I will be away from this site for three days, well... the weekend if you'd like it better. I'm not going to say exactly where I'm headed, as I don't really want to get in on that, though I just wantted to post this for all the non-editors that can't read my post in the Editor forum.

In guide news, I recovered from my little tantrum and decided to take the staff's advice -- and work hard to get the guide. I did so by submiting recaps to Fantastic Four, The Batman, Legion of Super Heroes. I also submited a show summary for: The Mummy: The Animated Series, as well as show cast listings. I then applied later on to get the guide. A little bit down the road, I decided that it was time to submit my Fantastic Four guide for completion. I did so, with only two spelling/grammar errors, and one miss-quote error. (I forgot to bold one quote.) After I fixed the errors, Tikidawg marked the guide complete. I then just browsed around the internet and the site, and returned to discover that I was now editor for Legion of Super Heroes.

Well that's all I have to say. See you all on Monday.

~ JLU_Batz01 ~



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