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Leaving... Again -- posted on November 3, 2007
Due to management problems... again, I'm leaving... again.

Just to clarify, I really didn't think I was coming back. Back in July I started getting messages from people on staff saying that Ben21 was running this place into the ground, and that Sebrioth wanted me to come back as a Mod. Around early September I mailed Seb and asked him about it, he wouldn't confirm he wanted me back but he did take me back on staff as a member of the Covenant with an agreement that after 2 months I would be promoted to Global Mod without question. This past week there was a vote (which I've been told I was winning) to bringing me on early (even though the 2 months would have been up on Sunday the 4th).

As you can see, Sebrioth has taken time off for the next month to deal with a drug problem he's developed. Don't know the specifics, just that he got addicted to something while coding. And in turn a certain staff member took advantage of him in his state here and got away with a lot. Which I find very sick and disgusting that someone would do that to another person. So his 4 week sabbatical is to get off the drug. His plan was (and has gone into effect) to have Tikidawg take charge until his return. Tiki was in agreement with me that the site needed some radical changes with staff, with policies, and with the community in general. We were basically going to right all the wrongs from the past year, such as the new point system which has allowed certain members to cheat their way to the top daily. As of this morning, a staff member hellbent on making sure I wouldn't return went through all my submissions for the past 2 months and decided to show that I had copied material from several websites. Despite the fact that most of it was my own work from Wikipedia which I have done since my last departure. It's no secret that this entire site, and the foundation of its existence, is based on getting information from other websites and formatting it to our standards. Why bother to lie people, we all steal info. And there is not a single person on staff or otherwise who can claim they haven't once C&P'd at some point in time some info from somewhere. But apparently certain staff members don't investigate or enforce plagiarism rules around here unless it's to their benefit, which you can clearly see as I'm the first person over 8 months (if not longer) to be removed for this offense.

Without investigating or talking to me about it, Seb removed me from my position, took my guide, and has removed me from staff. With this action, it is my firm belief as a TV editor of 7 years that TvRage has become more focused on points than information. About looking out for one's own job and security around here than the quality of material we put in. About the here and now rather than looking forward to keeping this place running. It has also now become abundantly clear that this site is no longer able to compete with any television cataloging websites, and will never be as popular as TvTome, let alone TV.com. I mean, we can't even keep up with EpGuides, and they only piggie back 1/10th of TV.com's traffic. I know damn well that I can't predict the future, but last time I left I said that this place would go to hell without me and it did. If it didn't, people wouldn't have asked for me to come back. Just because the lights are on doesn't mean anyone's running the office, it just means no one was smart enough to flip the switch.

For the record, once I was on staff I was going to rally for Ben21 to be removed as a Global Mod and have all of his submissions investigated because many of the staff do not agree with the point system he asked Seb to install, and many question the validity of his submissions. (Gee, I wonder why that same person doesn't check Ben's submissions?) I was also going to bring into question the position of Forum Mod, because why do we need 3 people running rooms and boards for a website who's community has dwindled to that of a Buffy blog started in 2004? Incidentally, has anyone noticed that Ben21 has managed to become both a GE and a Forum Mod? Minus some restricted access, he's basically cheated his way into becoming a 4th Site Mod. I wonder how he managed to break the rule that you can't hold 2 staff positions at once? I was also going to ask that we retool Section 31 to be more productive and remove positions that no one wants to fill and have become useless. I was also in the works of bringing back hardcore editor MoggIntellect and installing him as a Quality Assurance person on staff to check to make sure we have no people using the point system just to gain points. I was also going to try to bring back Murdock and Mzee so we had more creditable people on staff to do the work. But we won't worry about that because I've told them all what's happened and I suspect they're not surprised.

Now would be a good time to point out that if any of these ideas are stolen after I'm gone, at least you know there's no more originality left on the staff.

I'm sure the minute this blog is read by people who don't agree with it, it will be trashed and countered and people will bring an abundance of evidence towards stuff I already admitted doing just to prove what little points they have for doing and saying what they did. To that I say I don't care, scream to your heart's content, it doesn't mean anything to a guy who will never meet you. But I say this with every fiber in my body. This website is going to hell in a handbasket, and no one is brave enough to take a stand and make changes. The entire point of this place was to be a television catalog website that would embrace the community TV.com spurned and refused to let exist anymore, and allow it to thrive. In essence, this place was to be the spirit of what TvTome used to be. But now we've allowed so many corrupt and devious people to easily become Mods and Editors and Contributors and whatnot, we're just a carbon copy of what TV.com is now. And even worse so with a point system that doesn't show who contributes the best material, just who submits the most in certain areas daily to gain the most.

I could go on and on, but why bother to rehash the past. If you really think this place is all that and a bag of chips, fine, you can have it. But I refuse to be apart of a community anymore that would allow such God-awful principals to be carried out where quantity is revered more than quality. Where looking out for one's own ass is more important than benefiting this site as a whole. Where taking advantage of a man in his lowest point is a daily game because you can get away with it. And where everything else seems to matter except the two things this site was built upon... the guide and the people. It's true what Dennis Kytasaari told me a few months ago. TvTome is dead, and so is it's spirit. We'll never get it back.

Feel free to comment either way, I really don't care too much anymore. Any other questions about my experiences with TvTome, Tv.com, TvRage, and other miscellaneous topics can be directed to my email, johnqpublicq AT hotmail DOT com. Comment >>

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