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Was gone for months and was stripped off all my shows and people. Now nobody has taken the rights to the any of them. Thanks to Showcase for bringing back Student Bodies now I have become interested in contributing.

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Numero Blogeo Deuco -- posted on March 9, 2008
Alrite I just submitted two quotes where the characters are talking to themselves and then to the one another in the scene. Now how is this said?

Romeo: (Speaking) Goodnight. (Thinking) I can't believe I just did that.

Is that right? I mean is the words "speaking" and "thinking" the best words to use for that quote? It seemed logical to me, so that's what I submitted. Now, at first I was thinking of saying "in mind" but that sounds to odd and realistic. So yeah that's bout it. Oh yeah, I'm close to getting a job at Rona, the hardware store. Sent in my photo ID and sin # Tuesday. So hopefully I'll be starting real soon. Comment >>

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