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Hello, you might know me from tv.com. -- posted on January 23, 2006
Hi everyone. Some of you might also know me as jag111888 from tv.com. I came here a couple weeks ago, and now I thought that I should try to use this site’s blog system. Free to tell me who you are ton tv.com. Comment >>

Timezone: Apr 20th, 2014, 11:07 pm
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Real Name: Joshua Adam Graham
Location: Godfrey, Illinois, US
Occupation: Student (High School)
Hobbies & Interests: Chess, video games
Favorite Singers/Music Bands: Voltaire/Weird Al/The Aquabats/Bob Ricci/Stephen Lynch/Rammstein
Favorite Actors/Actresses: Chris Farley
Favorite Song: "When You're Evil"- Voltaire
Favorite Books: Blood or Chocolate- Annette Curtis Klause
Favorite Authors: Amelia Atwater Rhodes
Favorite Quote/Idiom/Sentence: "One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic." Joseph Stalin
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