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I love TV.That is why I am here.:p Now,be excellent to each other.

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Do You Smell What I Smell? -- posted on December 16, 2006

I must give credit to my aunt who took this pic yesterday morning. We have been having warm, 60 degree days that have produced thick fog at night and early morning. The horses have grown winter coats which has been uncomfortable in this weird ,warm winter weather. Gwen took a nice roll in the mud to feel better. Imagine what a dirty wet dog smells like. Now imagine that dog weighs 1100 lbs. That is what a dirty horse smells like!

Work is still insanely busy but I will try and blop by to say hello to you all later. I am really missing the Christmas party thread.
Don't forget to click on the song to hear it. Warning: You may do the Snoopy dance if you listen.

Song of the Day: Linus and Lucy from A Charlie Brown Christmas

Peace All

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