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  Monday, July 4th 2011 2:08 pm  
» Rememberence
Mood: thoughtful
I've found myself in a very thoughtful mood lately. I miss the "good ole days" of TVRage. I miss loggin in from work to update a guide, check my PMs or chat with friends in the forums. I miss hurrying to complete a blog post before leaving the house, then rushing back to see what my friends thought. But time passes, things change, and people move on.

That doesnt mean that good times or friendships are forgotten. Which brings me to the real point of this blog.

Today is July 4th, and SyFy is running a Twilight Zone marathon. Two weeks ago tonight I went to see The Monkees live in concert...and several weeks ago I recieved an email letting me know that the online guestbook for Chris (me) was being closed. I've said it before in a blog, but Chris was like a brother from another mother. He said he'd felt the same about me too. And all of these things combined have put him in my thoughts lately.

He would have loved the concert! Three out of four aint bad, lol. Mike Nesmith sat this tour out, but Micky, Davy and Peter rocked! In just over 2hrs they hammered out 37 songs! 37...in a row, lol!. My friend and I hung out afterward trying to get autographs (unsuccessfully) but as we did, I told my buddy about Chris and how I knew he would have loved it...and how I knew, somehow, a part of him was with me. It's funny how people don't question sentimentality when you've been drinking, lol

Last night, I go to bed and as I'm flipping channels I catch an episode of Twilight Zone..."To Serve Man". I scroll through the listings and realize it's the SyFy holiday marathon. I fell asleep, and woke up this morning watching. This show has always been one of my favorites, and I know it was one of Chris' too.

So...before I ramble too much...my point...

To all of you who I consider a friend. Whether we're still in contact, whether you still think of me, remember coversations or not...I still think of you sometimes...and I still pop in here from time to time. Don't be a stranger, drop me a line. Now...its time to go do something 4th of July-ish...swimming pools, cook-outs..."Hang in there friends forever, In memory far away"

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Posted on Wednesday, July 13th 2011 6:33 am 
Great post buddy. I miss the old days of Rage and TVTome as well. Luckily I've been reconnecting with old friends on facebook, but it's not exactly the same. It's funny how people you don't know in person can become so important to you, and it's hard because it's much easier for them to disappear.

But, like yourself they always pop in my mind. Some of my best friends ever were made online, and at least unlike real life, we can occasionally have the pleasure of literally going back and reading the past.

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Posted on Wednesday, July 13th 2011 12:48 pm 
Thanks! I'm glad this connected with someone...a little sad it didn't with more...but then I guess that speaks to both my blog and your comment...it's not the same as the old days, and its easier to disappear online

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Posted on Monday, December 26th 2011 6:39 am 
Awww, I wish I had seen this sooner! Great blog and I totally agree. It's sad how easily people can disappear when they are virtual friends, instead of F2F ones.


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