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Death is a Bitch -- posted on April 15, 2008


The sky is dark and cloudy, and there is heavy fog in the air. The CEMETERY is completely empty and quiet. The only person there is a 16 year old boy.

The boy is wearing a black jacket and blue jeans. He has short messy hair, and his facial expressions mean business. He stands by a tree waiting.

Another boy enters the picture he is roughly the same age, he looks pretty beat up, and high. He seems very paranoid and sketchy as well. He walks up to the smoking boy.

The two boys meet eye to eye both looking serious. The boy with the smoke pulls out a gun and shoots the other boy in the head.

The dead boy falls to the ground and makes a thump. The shooter looks around to make sure nobody saw him. He walks a few feet away and starts digging a hole with a nearby shovel.

He looks back at the body and notices a mysterious man dressed in a black robe holding a scythe, the dark figure touches the dead body. Black smoke comes out of the body and disappears in the air.

Death looks at the boy digging the hole. The boy shoots at death but death comes toward him. The boy confused continues shooting only realizing it is pointless.

The boy runs away. Death continues to follow him.


The boy assuming he has lost Death stops and catches his breath. He is breathing heavily and his head is facing the ground while he catches his breath. He looks in front of him only to see death.

The boy runs away from death. Again death continues to follow him, the boy hides behind a tomb stone. Death comes around the corner of the stone and the boy trips him.

Death falls to the ground and disappears. All that remains is a scythe and an empty robe. The boy looks at death with a grin on his face. The boy laughs.



There are seven guys and three girls in the house. The house is fairly nice, and a typical city basement home. The boy walks through the door.

One of the gang members looks angry and pushes another one of the gang members to the ground.


Time is up you son of a bitch

The fallen gang member looks scared and shakes his head no. The angry gang member takes out a gun and points it at the fallens head.

The fallen gang members closes his eyes tightly as he waits for the bullet, but once the shot occurs nothing happens. There is a bullet wound in his head but he is alive.

Everyone looks confused. The angry man shoots again only to realize nothing is happening. He points the gun at one of the other members and shoots them, but again they aren't injured.

The Cemetery boy thinks back to what happened at the CEMETERY


I think I killed death?

Everyone takes out their guns and start shooting each other, bullets are flying all over the room and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. They're laughing and smiling.


Ok hold on hold on

The gun shots are put on hold.


Load your guns

Everybody loads their guns, and points at each other.


One.. Two.. Three..... Shoot

All of the people in the room shoot their guns at the exact same time. The bullets fly in slow motion, everyone has a smile on their face. Just as the bullets are about to hit the gangs skin death appears.

Motion goes back to normal and the bullets shoot their targets. The targets are instantly killed, and they fall to the ground.

Death looks around the room, looking at each of the dead bodies. Death pokes one of the body's with his scythe. The body remains still.

Death Laughs.

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