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  Sunday, June 11th 2006 9:10 am  
» For those who don't know
I'm back online with my comp, give it a week or two and the rest of Nightwing 3 should be up, and expect BoP season 2 soon as well.

As for GL Corps give it some time, I said late summer in the initial post so yeah, give it time.

EDIT=Today is the 15th and I just got all but ONE episode of Nightwing season 3...it is post-poned until BoP season two for spoiler reasons. BoP season two should be up within a few weeks.
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Posted on Sunday, June 11th 2006 7:51 pm 
Welcome back. .

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Posted on Friday, June 16th 2006 12:55 pm 
Cool to have you back Leather Wings.


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