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  Sunday, September 3rd 2006 8:46 am  
» Birds of Prey Animated-Season Two Episode Guide


14. Batgirl Rising-Part 1

With a tramatic disaster in effect in Gotham, a young mute girl who has had a mysterious past may just be the newest Birds of Prey member.

*First appearance of Cassandra Cain's Batgirl
*Batman guest stars

15. Batgirl Rising-Part 2

With Cassandra now playing the role of Batgirl under Barbara's permission the BoP must help out in Gotham, but in the end the new Batgirl must decide where her place among the Bat crowd is.

*Batgirl appears
*Batman guest stars

16. Cheshire Cat

The Ravens are back, and they're taking Black Canary on a journey through time.

*The Ravens appear

17. Counted

Ra's Al Ghul has evil plans in store. But will Black Canary fall prey to them.

*Ra's Al Ghul appears

18. Accesories

An an episode guest starring Blue Beetle can Black Canry take down The Condiment King?

*Blue Beetle guest stars
*The Condiment King(think Joker ep in BTAS) appears as villain

19. Little Things

A bomber's in town and he's trying to bomb the General Robitics factory, but things won't go as he planned.

(Summaries subject change, more eps coming eventually)
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Posted on Tuesday, September 5th 2006 6:52 pm 
Sounds good can't wait to read more.


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