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  Sunday, September 3rd 2006 4:30 pm  
» A run of things
Don't expect the rest of BoP for awhile, and I'll add more deatiled summaries to some eps too. GL...I'm still trying to work out, but expect a Nightwing DTV sometime too.

EDIT=9/9/06: Okay Nightwing DTV I will make but have no clue what to do withit so be VERY patient...GL Corps will be awhile probably, BUT I have a new DCAU show in the works that is even more in development than GL Corp is...and I've got one possibally TWO seasons in process...it'll be awhile, but I should(hopefully) releae an image and summary like in the past on what show it is VERY soon...IMO if I get this right, well lets just say I'm putting more work into it then Nightwing and BoP...and it should be amazingly awesome or awesomely amazing when the seasons come out...

I'm sorry I've never worked n GL Corps but I PROMISE it'll be up someday...who knows when but there's a 99% chance it'll happen I just don't want to let anyone down, cuz there's other GL ideas out there, and I'm trying to work it out, may be awhile, but yeah I've got something else in the works that should make up for the GL wait and probably be better than GL(Corps) would be anyways...so sorry for the wait, but it'll be worth it in whole.

Oh and the rest of BoP 2 will probably be up after this or around same time as the SEASONS for new show, so yeah it'll be worth it...trust me.
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Posted on Tuesday, September 5th 2006 10:10 pm 
cool, looking forward to it.


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