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  Saturday, November 3rd 2007 9:32 pm  
» Awesome Aussies
I don't usually do blogs... reading or writing them. But this is important.

I have recently been tasked with getting the Australian schedule up to date: every episode for every show on every national network airing in Australia.

Needless to say, it's a daunting task! I need help!!!

What I need are members who live in Australia who are willing to help build the site to attract more lovers of Australian television. If you can and do watch television in Australia, I need you. I would prefer not to have people who have only read about these tv shows or perhaps have only seen the DVDs because I'm in the same situation. I've never watched any of the shows created in Australia for Aussie viewers because I've never been there. As a last resort, I'll get some of our members outside of AU to help me, but I'm appealing to people from the Land of Oz first!

PM me if you can help out.

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Posted on Saturday, November 3rd 2007 11:14 pm 
David posted a blog.

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Posted on Saturday, November 3rd 2007 11:29 pm 
David are you alright? Are you sure? You never ever ever do blogs. You are far too shy You should do this more often. I swear somebody has to get you to go outside the box.

And I second to what Randy just said.

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Posted on Friday, November 16th 2007 5:15 pm 
Apparently most Aussies don't like to or know how to respond to PMs. Thankfully there are a few notable exceptions to the rule.


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