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There's a blog here too? -- posted on December 26, 2005
Wow, even though I have a LiveJournal at http://www.livejournal.com/users/donkeykongsong and usually don't talk about my life on the Internet, so I'll be using this for site updates, more than that third-rate site TV.com.

I totally revamped the Mew Mew Power, Viewtiful Joe, and Transformers Cybertron guides, and submitted all the current info for Magical DoReMi.

This site is so fun, I love it! Now I have enough contribution points to apply.

I applied for Mew Mew Power, and I also want Magical DoReMi. I don't know if I want more shows, I might want Viewtiful Joe, but I sadly can't edit Transformers Cybertron since the remainder of its new episodes will air on Cartoon Network and I don't have cable :( But I'll still contribute a lot to it, I can still see the new eps, but I'll be behind (wish I'd known about this site when it first moved to The WB)

Wish me luck! I hope I get Mew Mew Power! I won't apply for more until I see.

~*~Matty-chan~*~ Comment >>

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