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Worst Day of My Life -- posted on November 4, 2008
Tomorrow, Nov. 5th 2008, will be the worst day of my life. As most here know, my little dachshund Oscar, has been sick with failing kidneys. Today the doctor said she has done all she can for him and he should be put to sleep. This is something I have been dreading. If he had died in his sleep then it would hurt, but not as bad. But having to end a life is traumatic. Back in August of '07 I was told that maybe it was time he was euthanized, but he still had loads of energy and showed no signs of being in pain. He's lasted 15 months since then, but now he has weakened over the past 2 days and can barely walk. So, now is the time. I have to end the life of my best friend for the past 13 years. Because of my own illnesses, this will be my last pet I will have which makes this so much harder. Oscar is scheduled to be relieved from his pain Wednesday morning.

I will miss you more than I can say, buddy. No dog has ever been as loyal as you have. You've stayed by my side when I needed you there and always made me laugh each day. The way you would cover yourself up in your bed at night showed just how smart you were. Plus, he was a paper trained dog and had his own area he could use if he needed to use the bathroom and I wasn't around or there was 8 feet of snow on the ground, yet you never once wet or pooped any where's but the area that you were trained to. Such a smart dog.

Goodbye, my friend... :cry: Comment >>

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