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Hey, my name is Melody. I'm 19.

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Dude!! -- posted on February 21, 2006
Dude! Last week I had to go to this meeting for guidance or something because my Honors English teacher gave on a few girls in my class a slip of paper for the same appointment, anyhow, I went to it last week and I found out that I've been accepted into this program that is only for females in the top 20% of their junior class. And that's me!! W00t! And alot of my other friends! So, I decided I would go for it. The program is called Tar Heel Girls' State. It's dealing with government and such, even though I'm not that interested in government I'm still going to go because it looks good on college applications, or any application for that matter! It goes on for a week during the summer. I can't remember exactly what date. It's a week in June though. It will be so much fun! I used to feel kind of like I was falling behind, but after I got that I was like, "Oh my gosh!" I am way more ahead than I thought I was!! But anyhow, I guess I'm just special like that. *Shrug*. ^o) &) Comment >>

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• February 1, 2006: Mel's First Blog (here)! Yay!

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