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I'm on the fast track to carpal tunnel.

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Midwestfrazzer -- posted on April 11, 2006
Have you ever heard the term "Frazzing?" I think if you have, you'll know just how familiar with it you are.

"Frazzing" is a now popular term coined by Dr. Edward Hallowell to describe the unhealthy multitasking that permeates our lives. Talking to someone on the phone, e-mailing somebody, watching TV and writing down notes is frazzing. Driving, listening to the radio, and text-messaging (one of my friends does this often) is frazzing. Right now I am writing a blog, eating lunch, watching Star Trek, and listening to music. I have 14 tabs open in firefox and three other windows running. I am frazzing. And this is just what I'm doing for fun.

But it's what I'm accustomed to. I'm not stressed out and I'm not pushing myself. But at the same time, I'm having a hard time focusing. It took me about a minute to write that last sentence. I'm sure I would enjoy what I'm doing and do it better if I turned some of this stuff off, but then I'd feel like I wasn't doing anything. I'd feel like my time was being wasted. But I might as well try it, just for today. I'm turning my TV off, I'm turning off Windows Media Player, and I'm finishing my lunch. I am going to spend the day focusing on only one thing at a time.

So here are my questions of the day: Are you a frazzer? Do you feel like you're doing nothing if you're not doing everything? Are you frazzing right now? ;)

That's my blog for today. I'm don't have a lot planned today, so this experiment will continue unabated. I think it could be fun, but it sure is quiet... Comment >>

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