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I'm a fan of classic TV, and some modern TV. I love "I Love Lucy", "Bewitched", "Three's Company", "All in the Family", "The Jeffersons", "The Golden Girls", "Everybody Loves Raymond", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "MADtv", and "King of Queens".

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Three's A Crowd -- posted on October 1, 2006
Three's A Crowd Episode Review

I finally got a chance to see the original Britcom which spawned one of my favorite classic TV shows, Three's Company.

While I did enjoy this show, I have to say, this is one of the exceptions to my "the original is better" policy. I prefer the American remake to what I've seen of this, for the following reasons:

1. It's a bit hard for me to understand Richard O'Sullivan (Robin, the man about the house) as he speaks too fast.
2. The Three's Company actors play it better in my opinion, the first episode of 3C follows this episodes script almost word for word, however, I still felt the 3C crew did it better.
3. When Three's Company would borrow scripts from Man About the House, with this episode being the exception, the majority of the script on 3C would be different, just the same plotline. 3C might borrow a couple of lines from MATH, but they would usually rewrite the whole episodes. When it was rewritten as a 3C episode, it was usually funnier in my opinion.

Personally, I feel this episode was a mix of the aired pilot of 3C and the original unaired pilot (with Valerie Curtin and Suzanne Zenor). I noticed some lines in this episode that were only in the unaired pilot and some which appear in the aired version.

So, you know the plot, Robin is in Chrissy (the brunette) and Jo (the blonde)'s bathtub, both of them are desperate to find a new flatmate, so when they discover Robin can cook, they ask him to move in.

Episode Ranking: 5/10 (Okay)

I liked the episode, but like I said, 3C in my opinion played it out better. The actors just didn't seem to have the livliness.

I did notice one thing, 3C's episode "A Man About the House" did add one scene not featured in this episode:
In the aired 3C pilot, Janet is weary to let Jack move in and reviews the pluses and minuses with Chrissy. Unless I'm remembering wrong, I didn't see any such scene in this episode of MATH, it seems Chrissy and Jo are more than willing to let Robin move in right off the bat. Comment >>

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