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2006Season, so far -- posted on October 28, 2006
How I Met Your Mother (CBS): Second season is somewhat disappointing so far, though the overall second season rating (8.58 ) is just 0.06 points below the first season's score. Still my favorite comedy series on the air, though when Scrubs returns, Mother becomes the second favorite.

The Class (CBS): The first two episodes were disappointing and caused me to question whether or not any of the actors on the series knew how to act. Since the Huricane/3rd episode, though, I've found the series surprisingly funny and quite good. If I remove the first two episodes from the overall rating, the series ends up with the same rating as How I Met Your Mother (did not realize that until now). Roughly a 8.48 to 8.58 show (out of ten, rating system this website uses, though I normally rate on a five point scale).

Heroes (NBC): Something keeps drawing me into this new series, and while I like it (8.58 ), I'm still waiting for the intro to end and the action to start (haven't seen last episode, though recorded it, so maybe the action has started; note: I'm aware that "action" has occurred, maybe I should say that I'm waiting for the action to move past the introduction to the characters and move more towards story advancement (while the story is progressing, we are taking more time learning about powers than story progression)). Right, that was probably confusing. Can't wait to see the recorded episode, and I have every intention of following this story until it's conclusion.

Two and a half men (CBS): Disappointing season, so far the ranks third best (8.44) of the four seasons. Will continue watching both 9pm series (this and Heroes).

Studio 60 (NBC): The pilot, which I watched early through Netflix, was good enough to really draw my interest to this series, but the two episodes after it started to erode my desire to see the series. I haven't seen the latest episode yet (recorded), but the last two episodes (eps 4 and 5) were very good and I'm likely to watch all the eps that make it on the air (what with low ratings and all, there is a risk). Of all the new series (and only counting new series), Studio 60 has received my highest rating (8.68 ) so far this year (a returning series is currently my favorite, but this is the first year I've seen that series, so it gets somewhat complicated in assessing best new series I've seen).

Vanished (FOX): Saw part of first episode, decided to not continue watching episode or series. dropped

Slightly confused as to what aired when on Tuesdays as the schedule has changed. Whenever I originally saw the series, I've seen Standoff, Friday Night Lights, and NCIS which now air at the 8pm hour. Veronica Mars at 9pm, and Boston Legal at 10pm. I know I also watched Kidnapped at some point, which, I think, was on at 10pm (or maybe 9pm). I also watched first episode of Smith.

Friday Night Lights (NBC): Liked the film, didn't like first episode seen and with the very crowded night of shows, it needed to be better for me to give it another chance. dropped

Kidnapped (NBC): I really liked the series (8.6 rating out of 10), but then I skipped an episode to watch something else, heard that it was cancelled (actually, learned later, just moved to Saturdays to die), and stopped watching. Somewhat disappointed I lost touch with the series and that it ended up sent off to die. dropped

Standoff: Long time since they aired an episode, and the last episode I saw was the worst episode rated by me (for the series, not overall). Overall, a relatively well liked show by me, so I'll need to go back to some method of recording it and watching NCIS, or recording NCIS and watching Standoff. This television season has found me watching the most television series ever, and eventually I'll need to start pruning more than I have at this point. This show is currently on the bubble (rates the same as dropped Kidnapped - 8.6).

NCIS: A little tired of the beginning "is Gibs gone, is Gibs staying" but otherwise like the season so far (second highest rated season of the 4 seasons; 8.56).

Veronica Mars: Worst season so far, but still highly rated (8.58, while is everything turning out to be 8.58? I rate the episodes, and the overall rating is an average of the episodes, so how do so many shows end up 8.58 with the widely different individual episode ratings?). Also first season I watched as it aired instead of waiting for the DVD's, and that probably impacts the rating.

Boston Legal: My favorite new series of the year, not new as in new on the air series, but new as in I hadn't watched the series until this year. I had caught a couple episodes from previous seasons as they aired, but for some reason I never really liked them until I tested the first season DVD through Netflix and like so much went out an bought it. Ended up rating the first season 8.68, the second season 7.88 (one episode), and this season 8.72. I like most of the actors on this series. I really liked Mark Valley in the series "Keen Eddie" and am somewhat disappointed in his limited use/role in this series.

Smith: Many series like Smith have been on and off the air, and this was the worst of its kind, at least I thought so after the first episode. Dropped before it was cancelled, and now it is off the air.

The promo for 3lbs looks interesting, but it is harder to watch/record two episodes at 10pm. I'll see if I'm able to catch both Boston Legal and 3lbs on November 14 (and earlier I was talking about the need to prune series from my watch list).

Wednesday's are somewhat annoying. At 8pm: Jericho, and Bones, and then 20 Good Years & 30 Rock. At 9pm: Justice, and Criminal Minds. At 10pm: CSI: NY.

Unfortunately, I suppose, I haven't been able to eliminate any of these competitors for my time, the the networks have been trying to help me. They took Bones and Justice off the air for baseball, moved Justice to Monday (haven't caught an episode yet on Monday, as it is now the third most interesting series to watch on Monday nights, behind 2 1/2 men and Heroes, and I can't record/watch three series, only two), and are planning to move the comedy series off the night. While watching a recorded episode of Close to Home the other day, I came to the realization that I watch way to many legal/court/crime series and not enough of the other kind. Because of this I'm somewhat less said of the fact I'll not be able to continue watching Justice. Forced to prune a series by the networks actions.

20 Good Years: I'll start by noting that I like John Lithgow, and then add that I don't think I'm the target audience for these series. I just can't get myself to care about any of the characters on this series, and while there is the occasional chuckle, I haven't found much to laugh about. Considering that the series is supposed to be a comedy, that is not a good thing. One last thought on the show: that daughter is way too thin to have just given birth to a baby.
View not view: Well, considering that the series appears to have an end date of 11/8/06 on Wednesday, and no new announced time slot, I'll watch the last 1 or 2 episodes and then probably drop it at the same time NBC drops it (in 1 or 2 episodes).

30 Rock: 30 Rock is a borderline show for me, I don't particularly care one way or another if I watch it. I'll watch the last couple of Wednesday episodes and see if I follow it to Thursday. I might actually watch a 2 hour block of comedy again, for the first time in a while on Thursday (CBS: Monday - I normally record the first hour block, and I don't watch the 9:30 show). If 'Til Death and Happy Hour actually return the first Thursday in November, and stay on the air until November 30th, then I could watch the first hour of comedy shows on FOX then switch over and watch Scrubs at 9pm and 30 Rock at 9:30pm. I have no problem, though, just recording/watching Scrubs and not watching any other show on Thursday's. Back to 30 Rock: I can't think of anything, distracted by the moving emoticon faces below the screen. As mentioned, I'll watch the last couple of Wednesday shows, then might follow it to Thursday (OOPS just realized, Bones will be returning on 11/1, so I've actually found myself forced to drop both NBC shows, might catch 30 Rock when it moves to Thursday, might not).

Jericho: I fully expected one of two things to happen (if not both) for this series and for Heros. I fully expected that I'd either dislike the series and move on, or that the series would get an early cancellation order. Oddly enough, though, the series picked up a full season order, and I've found myself recording each episode each week (first it was Bones which kept me from watching this series as it aired, then it is the NBC comedies). It is not my favorite new series by a long shot, but it is addictive (especially if you are like me and liked reading this type of fictional book, though none of the series (Stirling, Ringo, Flint) matches up with this type of situation, Stirlings comes closest, but still not very).

Bones: Second season blues, eh? I've rated the second season 0.08 points below the first season, so far. 8.5 vs. 8.58.

Criminal Minds: Odd, I've actually rated the second season 0.06 higher than the first, and I was thinking that I was liking the series less.

Good thing there is all these show movements, because now I can try to catch the first episode of Day Break (record/watch it, and record/watch Criminal Minds).

CSI: NY: Who know? I came to CSI:NY after liking and watching the first two CSI's and didn't watch the first season of NY until after it came out on DVD. Now? Now NY is the only CSI that I watch. I watched the first episode of CSI: Original Blend this season, and found it utterly unwatchable and have stopped watching CSI completely, and cancelled my order (actually, my intention to order) the earlier season (season 6) DVD (watched all of first 4 seasons, all but 2 episodes of season 5, and 9 episdoes of season 6; 126 eps watched of CSI; 76 of CSI: Miami). I'm quite confident that I might be the only person to find themselves in this situation (might be others that only watch CSI:NY, but you would need to add in liking and watching all those CSI: Original Blend and CSI: Miami episodes and now dislike both Las Vegas and Miami). I'm also under the impression that CSI: NY is the least liked of the CSI's by CSI watchers. Will continue to record and watch this series.

Empty day recently, crowded in future?

Happy Hour and 'Til Death were ok comedies to watch with nothing else I want to watch on, and then they went off the air for baseball. Left me with just Shark at 10pm. I might watch Happy Hour and 'Til Death if and when the return, and will watch Scrubs when it returns at 9pm. If I actually make a comedy night, I'll throw in 30 Rock at 9:30 to round out the evening, and then record Shark (Boston Legal is the only 10pm show that I watch instead of record to watch later).

Shark: Really liked first episode, second episode fell a little, and rest have been watchable. 8.64 current rating, though keeps falling with each new episode watched.

Technically I don't regularly watch television on Friday and Saturday nights, but I will occasionally record Close to Home (because of the guy from JAG), and Numb3rs and later watch (something like 6 eps total for both series watched this year). To a certain extent I don't watch television regularly on Friday and Saturday because I: 1) have a lot of recorded shows to watch; 2) am tired of watching crime dramas.

I believe Kidnapped is now on this night, but never even tempted to watch it (though as earlier rating noted, I did like this series).

Night of comedy:

Simpsons: still like to watch it as it airs, less inclined to watch reruns in syndication, and DVD releases (not sure why).

Family Guy: still somewhat disappointed with Family Guy 2.0.

American Dad: sometimes watch, rather dislike, sometimes surprised by a good episode. Comment >>

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