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A Rant About DVD Region Codes -- posted on July 5, 2006
It’s bullshit! Locking DVDs to play just to a certain region is just another way for the studios to milk it for all it’s worth. If I buy a DVD player, then I will want it to play DVDsany DVD! I don’t remember VCRs being locked to only play certain regions! If I wanted to import a tape from the States then my VCR would play it! But in the digital and capitalist world we live in, nooooooooo. If you live in Europe, then you buy Region 2 DVDs. I mean, as if DVDs weren’t expensive enough, you also have to limit your choices to the regions in which the DVDs you want are distributed in. I don’t see anyone but the studios and DVDs manufacturers, benefiting from this. I suppose it’s my own fault that I live in Europe and must wait (sometimes) 1 or 2 years for the DVDs that I want to buy to be distributed in my region, while they are available in Region 1. So the answer would be of course, buy a “multi DVD” player!

Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money. Ridiculous!

This is so ridiculous that each DVD player is programmed to be adjusted to any Region! There are actually sites with all the codes you need, cataloged by manufacturer and model. So why do they do this?! So that you BUY the codes!!! Yes, it’s that stupid. Or so that they can sell remote controls purposely made to unlock DVDs. ^o) ^o) ^o)

Thankfully not everyone is greedy and selfish. There are some sites that list the codes just for the sake of sharing. That's how I could finally unlock my player. But until now, I was like, "Ok, I hope this DVD will be released in R2 before I die...." *-) Some DVDs will never be distributed in every Region! So WTF is the deal?!

I know I'm not alone on this, because this restriction is actually considered to violate the Trade Practices Act.

Doesn't it make more sense to just have a DVD players to read any DVD? I mean, there are so many DVDs distributed in only a certain Region. Must I be deprived from my freedom of buying the DVD because I may not live in that region?!

Greedy assholes. :@ Comment >>

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