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Hey, I'm a Night Stalker here. These are my points for each of my Night Stalking show: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno~~~27.8 Points The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson~~~21.6 Points Last Call with Carson Daly~~~18.8 Points Late Night with Conan O'Brien~~~18 Points The Late Show with David Letterman~~~14.2 Points Jimmy Kimmel Live~~~11.5 Points

The three shows I could not live without are: The Simpsons Futurama Family Guy. They are t3h 541t. Also I love anime. My two favorite anime are: Naruto (US) One Piece (JP). They too are t3h 541t.

Also, although it says I am from Greece, I do live in the USA, however Greek Pride.

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My life past month... -- posted on July 23, 2006
I'm not doing that(of course), because once again I was banned for a good reason. As I've already stated, I'm an idiot. But now on to my real blog:

Well, that day has arrived, I'm finnaly back! So I'll explain some good things, then some bad things :o.
Anyway, the good things first. I'm finnaly back, and I'm 13! Woo hoo! Now I'm sure you are all wondering, how did you go... I think 3 or 4 months... without Rage? I had some help. At the beginning I just stayed here and kept of reading the forums, after a while though, I joined Grouper.com. A good site, and since I have to be of some sort of importance, I joined the Beta Team (a team that trys out the new sites, or relaunches). And after Grouper Beta was done it went into Grouper Alpha(later renamed just Grouper). Once I was done with my Beta Team jobs, I decided to join yet another site on July 9(I think) called Userbars.com(the forums that is) I started making userbars(if you don't know what that is go to the home page) for other users and I've been doing that as well. When I wasn't on the computer(laptop), I was watching TV. I was mostly watching, South Park. Every 3-4 days I would go to the store(Hollywood Video) and rent(with MVP) 3 South Park DVDs. I finished the day before my birthday, and on my birthday, I got the South Park Movie, Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. That was frikken' hillarious movie. And with that, I have seen all the episodes Seasons 1-6 with the exception of the episdoe "Kenny Dies" which I await to rent from the store once they get it back. Besides what I did at home, I also had to go to some day camps since my dad wasn't home all day and my bro was in Indiana and my sis/mom was in Greece. The day camps were ok, not that good. Met some friends of course and went surfing/swimming/played gaga. Now by the end of all that I was pretty ok with no TVRage. I probably could've gone the rest of my life with no Rage. But on my birthday, I applied for a show I recently started watching called "Pee-Wee's Playhouse". I really didn't expect to get it seeing as my past was clearly against me and I was still banned. But I was 13 and I felt like appling. Later that day, I checked back, and I was frikken' surprised when it said "Your application has been accepted"! So I've already started on my guide and I've fixed all the seasons and put in all the secret words. The only thing left is summaries and air dates(which I don't know how I'll get:() So that's all the good news I have for now :)

Now on to the bad news :o
I'm sure I'll get plenty of shit for this part of my blog but listen, I am not complaining. I am simply stating what I see. Now, the original date for launch was March 10th I'm pretty sure. Here we are, 3/4 the way into July 4 months and 10 days later we still don't have relaunch. I understand that this is a big site, and that Seb had some sort of problem with his lung, but Jesus! 4 months? That's an awefully big distance from original date. I remember when I first left we were told 99% done. I'm not pissed that we don't have it yet, and I don't really care, but I'm just kinda shocked we still don't have relaunch yet.

That's all I had to say, and it took me about 30 minutes to write it, so read it! So in the end, welcome back to me TVRage. Comment >>

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