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  Wednesday, January 5th 2011 6:50 am  
» Possible return, 5 years, RIP Me, and so much more....
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Before I begin I would just like to say rest in peace to a beloved member and friend of many of us here, Chris also known as Me. Even though I only knew him as a fantastic contributer and a funny avatar, he was a good person and a great friend to me. Over the past two years I had lost to of my friends due to car accidents and I felt the same way I did for him as I did for them, regardless of the fact I had not spoken to him in years.. It just once again made me realize how short life is.

^ , nice to see that the site hasn't changed too much and that dividing line thingy still works.

Hey guys, I can't believe that its already been five years since I left the communist website of tv.com for this place. December 16th 2005, I think was the date and the prospect of finally editing guides of the tv shows I enjoyed for the first time not only excited me but lured me in and didn't let go for the better part of a year and a half. I was a 13 year old kid, with a loud mouth, who was immature, who was annoying, who craved attention, and this place just happened to be the place where I chose to reside.

As I look to the left, I see my friend list and immediately the memories of the moments I shared with all of those users who occupy that list start filling up my head. You are all amazing people and I hate to put it as if some are more important than most but there were some who had a more lasting impact than others:

andrew - januaryadrew ; batman_beyonder2: thanks for teaching me Photoshop ; bebopordeath: I never forgot your nickname and use it all the time man, in other variations; Ben: amazing contributor ; cindy - you were really kind to me; dorkusmcforkus - i never forgot your name either, but I only now realized that its mc and not c**.. ; gakhandal : I would watch your avatar for minutes at a time : holophonor : you made me laugh ; JohnQPublic : I know you are disgraced/fallen but.. still ; MacDeacon : can't remember how you helped me, but i know for sure you did. manson_rules : we argued : Mirrorkirby : funny man ; Mogg : ; Ryan : Tool - I downloaded the entire album just because you wouldn't stop talking about it... to bad I liked it.. ; Sebrioth : always helped me in need ; songeyfan : you had balls to come here with a name like that, I wonder if he still swears by that name? ; Super_Cool : Super fool! ; thefatskinnyguy 2 : ; Wisecrack : I honestly can't remember nothing about you except we were friends and a troll came here one day and called you wiseasscrack.. & systemax : thanks for teaching my photoshop bro, we did have our differences tho

That was the past, now let's catch up with me now. Since my last blog, post which was made in July 2008, I have grown up. I'm 18 now, I'm in my first year of University. I have a 7 month old son named Nicolas.... just kidding . I still can't understand women, but I have finally found myself a girl that is crazy enough to give me a try .... In the mean time, I discovered facebook and wasted tons of hours on that stupid site doing absolutely nothing...
Here's my profile, add me Ragerz! http://www.facebook.com/NyallProspereSylvester

At 18, you're expected to know what you wanna do in life by now, especially going in to your second semester at Uni, but to this point, I haven't even made up my mind. I did basically all sciences last semester and hated it! I hated the fact that our opinions mean't nothing and that all we were good for was to sit, take in a plethora of data, review it, and then spit it all out in the form of shadings on a scantron sheet. Last semester left me longing for writing, and my courses suite my desire but still I don't know what I want to become. I keep getting told that I should do what I enjoy, but unfortunately what I enjoy, I can't do because I am nowhere near good enough to become a pro athlete, and I don't think I will ever be provided with the opportunity to become a sports analyst.

Enough about school, there has been other factors in my life. I moved from the lovely island of St. Lucia to Canada in 2009, and had to start over from scratch. I had to make everyone of my friends that I have now, but I love these people, and may even catch a grenade for a few of them. In addition to that, I come to the realization that marijuana does not go with me, a bad trip taught me that, and that I enjoy the taste of beer. At this point, this is going absolutely nowhere, , and you've either stopped reading and clicked out to the forums, or went to the comments to post something, so I'll end it here, but not before this last paragraph.

I will always have a soft spot for this website and check up on it periodically. I really wish that the passion that I once had for this website was still there. Unfortunately, I don't think I will ever spend an entire watching episodes for reviews, recaps, quotes, trivia, etc. for my guides again... or even have tvrage.com as my homepage, but I do think I can do the next best thing. I want to at least dedicate an hour to this website everyday, where I help out around by working on a few guides, and if I prove to be consistent maybe even become editor again.... When will this happen? We will see! But I can tell you one thing, you have not seen the last of Nyall!

This is a picture from the first episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius; When Pants Attack. My most complete guide. In the past, I spent hours working on this guide, but I never got it completed, something I plan on doing, if its still done here.
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Posted on Wednesday, January 5th 2011 7:10 am 
Wow, gotta say, you've matured a lot. Guess I did too, though I wasn't as active as you here.

Don't worry about what you want to do in college too much. I'm in my fourth semester and I'm still deciding. Gonna have to wind down soon. Just keep taking diverse classes and you'll find the ones you like.

I'm not that active here anymore either. I occasionally post every now and then, but as far as editing goes, I think I'm done with that forever.

Anyway, nice to see you back, bro.

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Posted on Wednesday, January 5th 2011 2:29 pm 
a hopeful welcome back

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Posted on Thursday, January 6th 2011 4:46 am 
Holy cow, can't believe Nyall is 18. Nice to see you around!

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Posted on Thursday, January 6th 2011 8:44 am 
Great to have you back around here Nyall. I never knew your real name was actually Nyall. Learn something new everyday.

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Posted on Thursday, January 6th 2011 10:13 pm 
I hit you up on fb.

Great to hear from you.

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Posted on Wednesday, January 12th 2011 1:25 am 
Didn't know you all that well, but its great to see that you might be coming back! And don't worry about not knowing what you want to do with your life yet, it will come to you in time. Most college students change majors anyway, so you're right on par with everyone else.

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Posted on Friday, January 14th 2011 4:17 am 
Welcome back! I hope you get to spend more time with us.


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