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Favorite Books: (In No Particular Order) NB: I've only listed books in a series that I've actually READ The Harry Potter Series: by J.K. Rowling Harry Potter & the Sorceror's Stone (1997) Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets (1998 ) Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban (1999) Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire (2000) Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix (2003) Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince (2005) Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows (2007) The Last Roundup: by Roddy Doyle A Star Called Henry (1999) O, Play That Thing (2004) The Rod Allbright Adventure Series: by Bruce Coville Aliens Ate My Homework (1993) I Left My Sneakers in Dimension X (1994) The Search for Snout (1995) Aliens Stole My Body (1998 ) A Series of Unfortunate Events: by Lemony Snicket The Bad Beginning (1999) The Reptile Room (1999) The Wide Window (2000) The Miserable Mill (2000) The Austere Academy (2000) The Ersatz Elevator (2001) The Hostile Hospital (2001) The Carnivorous Carnival (2002) The Slippy Slope (2003) The Grim Grotto (2004) The Penultimate Peril (2005) The Beatrice Letters (2006) Also Lemony Snicket's Horseradish (2006) By Louis Sachar Holes (1999) Small Steps (2006) Additional Favorites: The Hot Zone (1995) A Place to Stand (2002) Winesburg, Ohio (1919) Into the Wild (1996) The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890) Barrabas (1951) Finally, the entire BIONICLE book series by Greg Farshtey


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Real Name: Like you'd like to know!
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, US
Occupation: Undergraduate Student
Hobbies & Interests: I love many television shows, many of which are in that list below. I also love movies, mainly PIXAR, not to mention Pirates of the Caribbean! I'm also proud to say that I am a Master of Lanyards! Finally I love reading fiction and BIONICLE . . .
Favorite Song: Carol of the Bells
Favorite Movies: PIXAR
Favorite Movie Directors: John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Brad Bird . . . the PIXAR gang.
Favorite Authors: JK Rowling, Roddy Doyle, Bruce Coville, Lemony Snicket & Louis Sachar
Favorite Quote/Idiom/Sentence: The Below Statement is True -- The Above Statement is False
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