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College -- posted on October 18, 2009
I thought I would wait until it was "official", but every day it's all I think about.

What am I talking about?


Oh wait, lets try that again.


Much better.


Seriously, the only thing that's getting me through this last year of high school, especially since I have a horrible case of senioritis, is college.

Since I've never been to college, I've relied on others testimonies of college and I hear that it only gets better and people who want to be there are there instead and people don't interrupt and actually care because they're paying for it and you actually have school pride. When I hear that, I immediately start to daydream of it.

So what college have I chosen to attend?

None other than Snow College in Ephraim, Utah.

I know, I know, you're thinking "Snow College?"

Ok, maybe not, but that's the response I've received mostly.

But trust me, I do have my good reasons.

1. All I've heard is good from Snow. Literally. I've never heard a single ounce of bad about it. Now I'm sure it does have it's downs, but hearing that many ups from so many people, it just has to be good. One of my friends is currently attending Snow and all she does is rave about it. When I told her that I would be going there, she was ecstatic, and then I got ecstatic!
2. It's cheap. You can't get better than cheap. I mean seriously. I grew up in a home that barely had enough money to pay for milk and bread. Now I know it's not my Mom's fault, but I'm just saying, I had no chance to use some kind of savings. Therefore, I'm on my own. I'd like to use scholarships, but unfortunately I'm not a 4.0 student and my parents "make too much" each year, so I'm probably going to have to go with student loans and the less I have to play later, the better. I will say though that I wouldn't be too cheap for a good education.
3. It's faraway, yet so close! With the circumstances I'm in, I just really can't stay home. It's not really that I can't get along with family (well, maybe sisters), it's more of a matter of money, myself needing my own space, and learning to be independent. At the same time, it's only about 2 1/2 hours away and I could go there on the weekends if I like. And I'm still within distance of Dusty and Patches.
4. Since I'm vaguely sure of what I want to graduate in (Communications), I can go here and it'll give me the time and effort to really figure out what I actually want to do with my life and where I want my roads to take me.
5. It's in a small town which usually means nice, wholesome people. If you live or if you have lived in Utah, you know you have plenty of opportunities to visit small towns. With my experiences, the majority of people I came across were wonderful people. Sure I can't just go the the mall in 10 minutes or go to an amusement part about 30 minutes away, but...
6. That leads to: since there's not a lot to do in the middle of nowhere, that means that the college provides a lot to do which includes dances, games, ect. In fact, they have a dance every Thursday night. You can't really say you're bored there. It also gives me lots of opportunities to make friends and interact with others.
7. No fraternities or sororities. I apologize to those who are fans of these organizations, but I'm not. And this to means a lot more safety and more sleepy nights and less likely to have something bad happen to me. I've heard that frat parties really are what they are like on TV and in the movies, and if this is true, I want none of that. Also Snow has a policy where they have no tolerance for alcohol and drugs. Even better.
8. This gives me a chance to "start all over again". You see, I hated middle school and soon didn't care about my grades too much until about last year. Thus my grade point average has suffered much. It really isn't too bad, but I think I'm an over achiever because I know I'm a good student and when my grades don't show that, it makes me mad! It's also hard when you see others who do nothing but brag about their 4.0's and the valedictorian is also the school slut.
9. It has a 100% acceptance rate. Maybe this isn't the greatest thing, but it guarantees me that I'll get in and I won't have to worry about that essay to BYU like half of the people I know are doing. (No offense to Cougar alumni)
10. I have guaranteed cheap housing. I think... I think it's not too bad, but Mom was telling me it wasn't. I need my space and I'm a VERY personal person, so I need a single room. I have a huge chance of getting that for about $600 a semester. And if I didn't want to live on campus, there are a ton of apartment complexes that surround Snow for only a couple of hundred dollars more. Plus almost all of these places include utilities, cable TV and internet. I really don't think it gets better than that.

So when I put these reasons together I thought, "The parents will be thrilled!"

Well... not so much. Mom asked me if I was sure and Lexi told me my mind would change again soon. However, I can understand a little bit.

* Mom and Jerry both attended the University of Utah, which is obviously pretty prestigious. No, they didn't graduate, but still...
* I've changed my mind about which college to attend about a million times. None until now were absolutely stuck in my mind, but there's been a lot.

* At first I really had no idea what colleges were out there, so I went with my parents and thought of going to the U, but I found out I didn't take the right classes including two years of foreign language and three years of science, so I had to forget that.

* Then I heard about Salt Lake Community College and that kind of stuck for a while because it was cheap. I then soon knew I wanted to live away from home and learned that they didn't have on campus housing so that was out of the picture.

* I had heard about Utah State University from my teacher and when she went there, but I HATE snow, unless it's Christmas and I really did not want to deal with that, so that was bye-bye.

* Weber State University came into mind for a while when I was seriously thinking of acting as a career, but when that passed, so did WSU.

* I looked at another cheaper option of the College of Eastern Utah. Not that it's a bad school, but have you ever had a gut feeling about something? For some reason, it came to me that I just should not go there for some reason, so I abandoned any pursuit further.

* I then decided to get a little farther away from home and started to look at Utah Valley University after looking at a booth at school and talking to the ambassador who was not only really friendly, but good looking. Unfortunately they didn't have dorms either and their off campus housing was pretty expensive, so that was out of the picture.

* We went on a much needed vacation to St. George, Utah, which is on the other side of the state. Down there I saw Dixie State University and was somewhat intrigued, but learned it was the party school of Utah, so that was it.

* Soon I found something that not only I enjoyed and was good at, which was film editing. I then began looking for film schools and found Columbia College Hollywood in Los Angeles. I REALLY wanted to go here and made it my #1 decision. Too bad off campus housing (which was the only option) was almost half the tuition (which was a lot) and LA is an expensive area to live and also so far from home, so I decided to buck up and mark it off.

* I then went straight to focus on Neumont University in South Jordan, Utah. I've always loved working with computers and the only degree they offer is in Computer Science and tuition is expensive, but you usually get your bachelors in two years and it pays a lot BUT they don't offer a Masters degree, off campus housing (which is the only option) is expensive and I wasn't completely sure what it's what I wanted to go into and I didn't want to spend all this money on something I wasn't sure of on it, so that was a no.

* Since I'm a senior, almost every day half to all of the mail is mine I also had more options I could conciser including half the colleges in Ohio, college on the east coast, and all women colleges.
* I then narrowed down my choices to Snow College and Southern Utah University. I then found out how wonderful Snow was so now I'm going to Snow College and very possibly SUU afterward.

I never knew getting ready for college could be so complicated, but it's a whole new step to live and I'm more than excited. All I have to really do now is take the ACT on Saturday, get my scores and then apply to Snow.

Once it's official, I plan to get all the information I can sit down my parents on what I plan to do and a Q&A session to help them adjust to the idea.

Maybe I shouldn't have done this blog, I'm so pumped up!


PS: I plan on getting at LEAST my Masters and hopefully my Doctorates. Comment >>

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