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  Wednesday, July 29th 2009 1:39 pm  
» Please pray for the Campos family
I think I ask a lot of my friends and family, but I really need your help.

Ever since I moved to my current house, it's been chaos. A very bad thing happened and a lot of people I knew started not talking to our family and looked upon us like we were the scum of the earth. Fortunately, the Campos family didn't. They've always been very kind to my family and me and I've always been grateful for that.

Recently, Brother Campos has been charged with a crime and I feel that it has been deemed very unfair. Today is his arraignment and I need everyone to please pray in their favor. I ask that you also pray that their family will be able to be stale while their breadwinner isn't there.

I appreciate everyone to who prays for them or at least keeps them in their thoughts. Thank you.
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Posted on Wednesday, July 29th 2009 7:35 pm 
I hope everything turns out well for them, Candy. Keep us posted.


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