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(*) Just another Poem(*) I hope one day we can see another again. I miss you so much - I miss you holding my hands I love you and you love me, too. There's no denying the chemistry we knew. So until we see each other I have to depart. But as long as I think of you you'll always be in my heart. (L)
(L)A Good, and Useful, Piece of Information(L)
In this world, we all have someone out there for us. It's as if you were born with this person, and separated at birth. We may of been born together, but it's up to the both of us to find one another.

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Senior Year -- posted on October 28, 2007
My senior year has been kind of boring..I guess I'm catching a bad case of "senioritis". There's just so much to do. I have like 6 different college applications that I have to feel out. Not to mention I have to go retake the ACT test and have to take that damn AP test again!! :exor: I'm also not doing that well in my classes.. Then work right after school. AHHH.. Anyway, I just felt like getting this out my system. lol Well, how has everyone been? I missed you all!! Has anyone been watching Heroes? Grey's Anatomy? Bionic Woman? Smallville? Smallville has gotten surprisingly good. The introduction of Supergirl was very well done. Comment >>

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