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  Monday, April 3rd 2006 4:57 pm  
» Good Episode
What a good episode. It annoyed me that it took 45 minutes to get to the best part, but it was still good. Pumpkin was acting like a b***h; I can't believe she kept running from NY. Goldie was the crowd's favorite. She was like the only girl in the house who everyone liked. She should of won. Hoopz and Flav broke up, which doesn't surprise me 'cause they only did the show for publicity. ^o) Now they're doing a Flavor of Love 2, which is more than likely going to be stupid. Overall, this was a good episode.
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Posted on Monday, April 3rd 2006 11:06 pm 
Aw man! I missed it!

I figured Hoopz and Flav wouldn't stay together. Most reality couples always break up off camera.

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Posted on Monday, April 3rd 2006 11:49 pm 
Yeah. They also made up some foolish lie basically saying they wouldn't had up been right together, and that they're really good friends. I heard Hoopz was asked to leave right after the show stopped. ^o)


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