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  Sunday, April 9th 2006 3:44 pm  
» New Show - Sick - Bored
I'm surprised more people don't watch this show. It's actually pretty good. Quick summary: A man name Bill, who is a polygamist, has 3 wives: Barb, the 1st wife, Nikki, the 2nd wife, and Margene the 3rd wife; Bill has 7 children, also. Each of the wives have their own house, and Bill must rotate to each house everyday. It gets hard, especially since they live in Utah where polygamy is illegal. Nikki's father, Roman, is basically money hungry, and wants to be in control; so when Bill opens another store, Roman basically wants most of his money. :z

Well, I woke up today with a huge headache and sore throat. Hopefully it's just allergies, 'cause I don't want to get a cold anytime soon. ^o) Spring break starts Thursday, and I can't wait. I need to make some plans, though. Its been so cold outside, lately; It's starting to really annoy me. *-)

Anyway, another repeat of Grey's Anatomy tonight. ^o) This is going to be a really miserable Sunday. ^o^
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Posted on Sunday, April 9th 2006 7:08 pm 
Sorry you don't feel well, that sucks.

What??? Grey's Anatomy is a repeat tonight??? Darn it, I was really looking forward to that. Poop.

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Posted on Monday, April 10th 2006 3:17 pm 
I haven't seen Big Love but I will tell you in the salon where I cut hair there are a lot who are. I love the descriptions of the women.
I hope you are feeling better and it's just allergies. I hate spring colds.

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Posted on Monday, April 10th 2006 4:43 pm 
Hope you are feeling better.

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Posted on Monday, April 10th 2006 5:25 pm 
Thanks Cindy. Yep, it was another repeat of Grey's Anatomy. I watched Big Love, anyway.. ^o^

Hey Kimba - thanks. Yeah, Big Love is a really good show. I thought it was stupid at first, but then I watched another episode and got right into it.

Hey Mzee. It's good to hear you are feeling well, too. Thanks.


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