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  Saturday, October 27th 2007 9:21 pm  
» Senior Year
My senior year has been kind of boring..I guess I'm catching a bad case of "senioritis". There's just so much to do. I have like 6 different college applications that I have to feel out. Not to mention I have to go retake the ACT test and have to take that damn AP test again!! I'm also not doing that well in my classes.. Then work right after school. AHHH.. Anyway, I just felt like getting this out my system. lol Well, how has everyone been? I missed you all!! Has anyone been watching Heroes? Grey's Anatomy? Bionic Woman? Smallville? Smallville has gotten surprisingly good. The introduction of Supergirl was very well done.
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Posted on Saturday, October 27th 2007 9:38 pm 
Finally you come back here!

So, what colleges are you thinking about?

(btw, i'm GreenDay24/FullHouseDude24, but I had my username changed again.)

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Posted on Saturday, October 27th 2007 11:07 pm 
You can always take a break. No need to rush in to college straight out of high school. But trust me, college is so much different. I'm sure you've heard that and/or already know that.. but I figured I would say it anyway.

I couldn't wait to get out of high school. So much freedom. But whatever you do end up deciding, do what makes you happy. Don't do it because friends are or because of parents.

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Posted on Sunday, October 28th 2007 5:08 am 
I hated the last two years of school, I was expected to get good grades and then go to university (I went to a grammar school), but I got bad grades, took a year off to a work, and at least another year to travel and do not much really. And I still don't know what I want to do when I get back. Go to university? Get a job? Hang around doing nothing? Who knows!?

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Posted on Sunday, October 28th 2007 7:19 pm 
Haha talk about "senioritis"...haha it's really taken it's toll on me. College is pressuring me so bad right now. It's not so much the work, but how old I'm getting so fast. Ha ha. I wish time would slow down a bit. Welcome back.

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Posted on Monday, October 29th 2007 6:23 am 
Don't give in to the senioritis!!! You don't wanna leave high school on a bad note.

Nice to see you around, though.

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Posted on Friday, November 2nd 2007 8:52 pm 
Hey Buckeye. Nice to see you again! I was thinking about Kent State, Ohio State, or Mount Union. I have many more, though.

That's true, Ryan. I've thought about taking a break and resting a little, but I'm trying to get done as soon as possible. lol I figured stress now, and enjoy peace later. Thanks!

I totally understand Bob. lol I expected to get perfect grades and stuff this year, but it's the complete opposite. I guess I just need to take a deep breathe, and do one thing at a time.

Hey Rsetter!! Thank you. Yeah, I guess everyone is catching it this year. Once I get these applications mailed in, I will finally be able to relax. I hate writing the essays, though!! lol

Hey Cindy, and thank you! lol I pretty much screwed up this grading period. Yes, I gave into it! I learned from my mistakes, and plan on getting everything back on track.
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Posted on Friday, October 12th 2012 6:47 am 
Just read it and though WOW! It was written 5 years ago. I would love to know what you did during these 5 years.


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