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REK-CAF's blogs from September, 2010

  Thursday, September 30th 2010 8:40 pm  
Topic: Promotion
Message: Greeting Ragers, as of today, I am officially a Forum Moderator. Yes, this means that all of you (especially Dexter) are in big big trouble. :evil: I'm hoping to start some type of highly involved forum game soon, similar to BOTM, but I could use some ideas. Sorry to make this so brief, but I've got a class in 10 minutes and then work afterward. Peace out girl scouts. :D

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  Tuesday, September 7th 2010 5:38 pm  
Topic: Ragers where are you??
Mood: hopeful
Message: A few years ago these forums were packed. There were numerous great games going on, great threads in the movies, sports, and music forums, and of course the always thriving post parties. Now I can count on fingers the number of regular posters in the forums and it sucks. It totally sucks. What happened to everybody? There were people here who I was positive would never leave the site that seem to have gone. I really hope that people start to come back. Let's resurrect the TVRage forums!

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