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  Tuesday, September 7th 2010 10:38 am  
» Ragers where are you??
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A few years ago these forums were packed. There were numerous great games going on, great threads in the movies, sports, and music forums, and of course the always thriving post parties. Now I can count on fingers the number of regular posters in the forums and it sucks. It totally sucks. What happened to everybody? There were people here who I was positive would never leave the site that seem to have gone. I really hope that people start to come back. Let's resurrect the TVRage forums!
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Posted on Tuesday, September 7th 2010 2:06 pm 
I like this blog.

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Posted on Wednesday, September 8th 2010 3:01 pm 
Here's a couple of my theories, in no particular order:

- There's nothing good on TV - since this is a TV website, people just aren't interested in discussing any TV shows. Or, this could just be me, and maybe TV is as good as ever. Sure hope I don't die laughing.
- The reason people aren't posting is because enough people aren't posting. I know that's circular logic, but still, posts would breed more posts.
- The usual posters here may make some of the rest of TVRage feel like outcasts. By the "rest of TVRage," I mean the people who sign up to this place and never post here. A lot of the posts that are still made here are generally between people who've known each other for awhile (at least, over the internet, if not in real life)
- People have lives. People have personal and familial issues to take care of, or perhaps educational issues. I'm in college right now, as I'm sure some other people are, and don't really have the time I once had. Actually, school was the main reason I stopped being an editor here back in early 2007.
- People have moved on. Come on, it's been a great five years here, but it's time that some of us moved on to newer, more important things. This isn't an attack on TVRage, but you can't expect people to spend such large portions of their lives on one website.

The ironic thing is, this site had begun losing some of the more dedicated members starting late 2006, only shortly after the site relaunched. I thought that relaunch was supposed to bring in more people. I remember when a couple of editors that I really liked left around that time, and that really brought down my spirits on this site.

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Posted on Wednesday, September 8th 2010 9:40 pm 
The relaunch of '06? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I remember how pathetically bonkers everyone (including myself) went over that. The constant delays (I think it was somewhere like 6 months longer than originally intended) turned a lot of members off.

The funny thing is, everybody treats John Q. Public like a joke. Mocked him, laughed at him. Blah blah maybe he deserved some of the ridicule, but he was right about something. Two years ago he said this site was gonna die out in 2 years, and lookie at what we got here. A ghost town. I was gone ALL last year due to a crappy crappy crappy computer, so I don't know why half the active members like Cindy, Ryan, etc. are gone. But this site is dying a slow and painful death. I mean come on. It's not even debatable anymore. We literally have about nine people running the forums now .

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Posted on Thursday, September 9th 2010 8:44 am 
It's picked up a lot in the past week or so. The post party has been very active but not much else has. I'm sure that when more members see it improving, they'll come back.

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Posted on Thursday, September 9th 2010 1:46 pm 
How are things going to improve when we have about 9 or 10 active members in the forums? Look around you. Yeah, in the actual show forums they're are a wee bit more members wandering around. But the actual forums are a joke. Even the blogs are getting bad. Even up to a year ago, the latest blogs would be up to the current month. Now there are some blogs that are over five months old collecting dust on the latest blog page.

As cliche as it is, the first step to recovery is admitting there's a problem. Don't get me wrong. I want this site to succeed, but continuing to deny that this site is in trouble is mind boggling to me.

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Posted on Thursday, September 9th 2010 2:45 pm 
I never denied anything. Did you even read my blog? I said that the forums are dead, but I'm telling you in the last week or so, they have picked up. Hopefully it continues.

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Posted on Friday, September 10th 2010 1:13 am 
Actually, TVRage is not really in any trouble at all. The forums are in trouble. Just because there are only 9 people keeping them alive, doesn't mean there are 9 people keeping the site alive.

Normal members don't have access to the "Who is online" section, but I do. 2 years ago at any given time there were about 300-800 people online. Now, there's usually about 2000-3000 online at any time. TONS of applications and other websites use Rage's database and feeds, including epguides.

If you look at TV.com's forums, their barely as active as they used to be either. Sure, they're much more popular than ours, but they're nowhere near as busy as they were on TV Tome.

The truth is the concept of TV forums might be getting less popular these days, but it's a huge mistake to say no one uses Rage anymore. Our stats have actually been increasing at a steady rate.

Once the third relaunch goes live soon, we'll see where things go.

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Posted on Saturday, September 11th 2010 12:08 am 
Well if you say so. Just sad as this was the one and really only community on the internet I was pretty drawn to, despite my long period of absences. More than half of the frequent community just seemed to have vanished. Sure, this is a TV site. Meant for TV and TV like discussion, but with no one really in the forums anymore, it just makes the site seem A LOT duller than it used to be. Just my two cents. Didn't mean any offense.

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Posted on Saturday, September 11th 2010 12:10 am 
And REK-CAF, I read and understood your blog. I just kind of went off on a ramble. Sorry.

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Posted on Sunday, September 12th 2010 10:22 am 
Of course it's understandable, judging simply by the forums it would look like half our member base just decided to leave. I think it's hard for all of us to remember how things used to be and see how they are now. Like I said, we'll see how things go after the next layout change. If you've ever logged out and looked at the TVRage homepage, it's terrible. Not surprising people aren't signing up. But that will all change soon.

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Posted on Sunday, September 12th 2010 11:17 am 
rsetter3 Wrote:
I don't know why half the active members like Cindy, Ryan, etc. are gone.

I'm not gone. I check in sometimes and read many threads and post occasionally in the TV show forums, and once in a while in the regular forums too. I just don't pop in every day, but I've never been completely gone.

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Posted on Tuesday, September 14th 2010 11:08 pm 
If I want to talk about TV, I tend to post at TWoP, not TVRage, as do thousands of other people.

If I want information, which I don't sadly, I'd use TVRage. (honestly, I just google it and use wiki if I really want info).

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Posted on Wednesday, September 15th 2010 3:06 am 
well all i will say is JPQ was wrong about everything, tvrage has never had more visitors and we just broke 2 new record days and we expect to get even more visitors in the new month,
i will say that we have 3 things in the working that we hope will boost the forum traffic which we have been trying for years, but these 3 things are on a different level so we have confidence this time it will be successful that by the end of this tv season we will have a very active tv show forum and main forum and an overall active community.

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Posted on Friday, September 17th 2010 5:42 am 
I wasn't around for JQP, but I've read those blogs, and its seems like JQP was mainly referring to the guide, and not the forums. The TVRage guides, in my opinion are in great shape. The forums however have certainly seen better days. Bobby, I like you and respect you and all, but saying that JQP is right about the site tanking in 2 years is absolute bullcrap.

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Posted on Wednesday, September 22nd 2010 11:04 am 
i will admit that i've been perusing more lately though i don't pipe in that much.

i still use the site regularly to see what's on "my schedule". it's a good feature. oh and the RSS feed to firefox that tells me what shows i'm following are on today.

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Posted on Sunday, September 26th 2010 11:28 pm 

The reasons why I am not around as much is the same as always...and perhaps this is why other members are not around:

Lack of time
Computer Problems
Internet Probems

I have always liked submitting information better than posting in forums. But I have posted in forums occasionally and I have run The Summer Rumble last year but this year nobody signed up. I did not place limits on how many members that each individual member can nominate. A while ago there weren't limits either. And when that happened, Ben21, a site mod, nominated dozens of members. I know that many people think that Member Rumbles can't be revived, but at the same time my point is...

Because Ben21 and other site moderators were participating in the forum games...it felt like the site moderators were encouraging other members to participate in the forum games which increased activity. I don't see much of that happening now... Perhaps this is part of what is causing the forums to be inactive.

I would also like to start more forum games, but I don't have any ideas.... I am also going to post blogs occasionally.



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