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  Tuesday, March 25th 2008 9:34 am  
» Green Lantern Animated Series Season 1(Reboot)
I was looking through my old GL series and thought it could use some improvement, so I decided to redo it. If anyone is interested in reading episode summries I decided to create a Green Lantern series based of the old DC Animated universe(I'm connecting the Teen Titans universe to this one only because I like the characters). The series is about John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps.

1. No Evil Shall Escape My Sight Part 1

On the 16th anniversary of becoming a Green Lantern, John Stewart recalls on how he met Abin Sur and helped him on a case which led to him becoming a Green Lantern.

John Stewart was still with the U.S. Marines when he met Abin.
John helps Abin track down space priates.
The title of the episode is a nod to the Green Lantern oath.

2. No Evil Shall Escape My Sight Part 2

John Stewart continues with his recollection, he remebers meeting with the Guardians of the Universe and Katama Tui's intense training. After a month of training John has to face the rengad Green Lantern Sinestro, who knocks Katma unconscious, forcing John to fight Sinestro alone.

The reason for Sinestro's grudge against John is finally revealed, John was the first Lantern to defeat him.
The first time John dons the ring it matiralizes a mask with the rest of his uniform, he discards it quickly because he thinks it looks dumb.

3. First Day

Katma Tui thinks back to when she was assigned to train Kyle Rayner, he was her most difficult student for a reason. Rayner's first day in the Corps was almost his last.

The reason for John being assigned the sector 2814 instead of Kyle is that every Green Lantern must under go training before becoming a full fledge Lantern. Upon Abin's death John was given Sector 2814.
Kyle's arrgonces was mentioned in the Jutice League episode Hearts and Minds.
Events in the Superman Animated Series episode In Brightest Day are mentioned.

4. Illuminate

Arthur Light decides to come out of retirment and becomes Dr. Light once again. He decides to get revenge on all of his old enemies, the first on his list is the Green Lantern John Stewart.

Dr. Light mentions the old members of the Teen Titans.
Light is a much more serious and mencing foe than he is in the Titans

5. I Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Kilowog goes missing during a undercover mission. With no word from hims the Guardians send Katma and Kyle to search for him. The two Lanterns find a mind control cult known as the I-Factor, who have taken control of many beings including Kilowog. Kyle and Katma have to battle their friend to save him.

Katma tells Kyle that Kilowog trained her .
I-Factor was a alien race Abin Sur defeated in the Silver Age comics.

6. Enter the Warrior

Dr. Polaris injuries John Stewart and now the Green Lantern must relay on civilin Guy Gardner to help him defeat the magnetic villain. With only normal man to back him up can John defeat Dr. Polaris?

Guy Gardner is introduced
At the end of the episode John recomends Guy to the Green Lantern Corps.

7. New Lantern

Katma finds Guy to be far to undisaplined refuses to train him. Kyle agrees to take him of her hands and decides to train the new Lantern. Will Guy prove to difficult for even Kyle Rayner one of the best Green Lantern in the Corps?

Guy's costume is very simliar to the one in the comics.

8. Hunted

John is lured into a trap by the Manhunters, he is stuck on a alien planet and must avoid capture. To make matters worst his ring is low on power.

The Manhunters return isn't explained but the Guardians speculate someone or something could have reactivated them to use against the them and the Green Lantern Corps.

9. Title Match

The Zamarons are unsatsifed by Star Sapphire's use of the gem. They demand that she must defeat the Green Lantern John Stewart to keep her the Star Sapphire title. Star Sapphire's orign is finally revealed.

First appearnce of the Zamarons
Star Sapphire real name is Deborah Camille Darnell

10. The Darker Shade

On his first training mission Guy runs into a mysterous being with a black power ring. The trainee Green Lantern gets in over his head and quickly becomes over powered. Kyle rushes to his rescue but he to is no match for the villan. Kyle and Guy have to put aside their differences and work together if they want to survive.

Guy names the villan calling him the Dark Lantern.

11. Yellow, Yellow Everywhere

Sinestro imprisons John into a dimension where everything is yellow, preventing the Green Lantern from using his power ring. John has to survive the planets dangerous creatures and fight off Sinestro.

The power rings have been established to have weakness against yellow.

12. Legion Part 1

While on a training exercise Kyle and Guy discover the mence known as Legion, a being who is determined to destroy the Guardians. Kyle and Guy race after it to stop it but their rings have no effect him.

The power rings are established to have no effect on the color yellow, like the comics.

13. Legion Part 2

The Green Lantern Corps is unable to stop Legion, who makes it all the way to Oa. With each Lantern being defeated the Guardians may be forced to leave Oa. John, Kyle, and Guy band together to make a last stand against Legion.

The first season finale.
First episode with all three Earth Green Lanterns.



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