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  Monday, July 10th 2006 8:22 am  
» New Adventures of Green Lantern Season 5
53.Emerald Twilight PT.1
Finding the universe is to destructive and chaotic,Parallax decides to destroy it and recreate it.upon hearing this from the last Guardian Hal suits up to try and stop him.He brings Shayera to try and convince him to stop his plans again,but his plan fails.Parallax imprisons Shayera and begins his fight with Hal.
Parallax tells Hal that he isn't trying to take over the universe by recreating it,but making it a better place.
Despite his claim of being a god and being beyond human emotion Parallax captures Shayera and plans on saving her and Rex after he destroys the universe.
We see John Stewart personality for a short while.

54.Emerald Twilight PT.2
Hal battles with Parallax yet again to stop him for destroying the universe.Despite his improvement Hal is losing to Parallax again.He asks Hal why he is fighting him?He answers no matter how bad the universe is that it can still be saved.Parallax some how being convinced by Hal's word decides not to go through with his plan and leaves.
Parallax has been using his powers to help being all over the universe.
Parallax decides to be the protector of the universe and once again does not go home to Shayera and Rex.

55.Shedding Humanity
Realizing that as long as he has his emotions he can never be truly omnipotent,Parallax tries to get rid of his humanity.Is it even possible for someone even with the power of Parallax to get rid of their humanity?
It seems in attempt to get rid of his humanity Parallax has disappeared leaving behind a big energy source.
You can Parallax looking at his son Rex at the beginning of this episode.

56.Ion PT.1
Kyle calls Hal for some help in to deal with a energy source.When he gets their Kyle informs him that the strange energy is the power of Green Lantern,but the energy is about to explode.The energy is strong enough to destroy a galaxy,so Green Lantern absorbs the energy and transforms into an all powerful being,who now calls himself Ion.
The power Hal absorbs is the energy left by Parallax in the last episode.
Like his comic incarnation Hal becomes a omnipotent being only in the comics Hal was the one to become Parallax.
Katma appears in her Darkstar uniform.

57.Ion PT.2
With his new god like power Ion decides to be the new protector of the universe in Parallax's absence.Ion uses his power to go all over the universe to solve problems and even on Earth.The JLU tell Hal he should back off some and let others help,even the Outsiders say he is doing to much.Rachel tells Hal that he is losing touch with humanity,but he brushes this off.Ion discoverers that with his new power he may be able to help others,but is losing himself to the power of Ion.Hal gives up his power which revives Parallax.Now knowing what it's like to have god like power Hal feels sorry for John Stewart who is lost in Parallax.
Superman and Batman appear in this episode.
Ion help a alien race which looks like Kilowog's people.
Hal is the second person to successfully absorb the power of the main Green Lantern Battery the first being John.

Major Force finds out Green Lantern's identity by spying on him.While the villain spies on Hal to find out his weakness,our emerald hero has to deal with Black Hand.
We find out that Major Force is working for a secret benefactor.

Major Force kidnaps Rachel to lure Green Lantern into a trap.Hal races to get save Rachel and stop Major Force before he does something terrible.
Major Force actually kills Rachel.
Green Lantern stops Major Force and sends him to prison.
Hal cries at the end of this episode.

60.Moving On
Hal tries to deal with Rachel's death and find the strength to continue his job as Green Lantern.
Hal finds some peace as he says good bye to Rachel.
Parallax talks to Hal through his mind to help him out.

61.Emerald Revaluations PT.1
Hal is called to Oa by the Guardian when he gets their he discovers that Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner are there as well.The Guardian tells them that John Stewart has completely given in to Parallax and will eventually destroy him and Hal so the GLC will be gone completely.The Guardian decides it is time to tell Hal and the former Green Lanterns about the true origin of Parallax.
Parallax is really a space parasite who caused fear and destruction across the universe until the Guardians of the Universe stopped him and imprisoned him in the central power battery.John was possessed by Parallax three years ago after he absorbed the power battery.
Parallax is coming to Oa by the end of the episode.
Guy reluctantly decides to help Hal.

62.Emerald Clash PT.2
Hal,Kyle,and Guy prepare themselves for Parallax's attack on the deserted Oa.once he lands the three heroes go into action in hopes of stopping Parallax and some how free John from his control.The battle goes bad for them Parallax destroys Guy's yellow power ring and damages Kyle's Darkstar uniform.With no options left Hal tries to absorb Parallax's energy.Hal absorbs enough energy to become Ion again.
Parallax loses about half his energy to Hal.
Hal say the Green Lantern oath as he absorbs Parallax's energy.

63.True Enemy PT.3
Hal has become Ion once again,with his new power battles Parallax.Although Hal has absorbed a lot of Parallax's power he still holds enough power to fight Ion.As the two nearly all powerful beings do battle Guy and Kyle go to the Guardian and asks him how they can help.The Guardian answers that only Hal can defeat the possessed John Stewart.True enemy of the Green Lantern Crops emerges.
Sinestro returns at the end of this episode.
The main power battery is recharged when Parallax and Ion give up their power.
Parallax leaves John's body.
Parallax appears in his true form.

64.Reunite PT.4
Sinestro explains that he revived Parallax and infected John with the space parasite.Kyle asks him how he survived he answers that John had never killed him but a duplicate he created to drive John insane and make it easier for Parallax to control him.Parallax says he has no more use for John and leaves Oa to cause fear and destruction across the universe.Sinestro stays to destroy the power battery for good.Hal,Kyle,Guy,and John team up to stop Parallax and Sinestro.
Hal fights Sinestro for the first time.
John,Kyle,and Guy receive new power rings.
Parallax was the reason the power rings had no effect on yellow.

65.Last Stand PT.5
John Stewart fights Sinestro in order to settle the score,Mean while Kyle Rayner,Guy Gardner,and Hal Jordan try to tackle Parallax and stop him from destroying the universe.Can John defeat Sinestro in time to help the other Lanterns battle Parallax?What will happen if to John if they do stop him?
Parallax is stopped and put back into the main power battery.
New Guardians were born when the battery was recharged.
John is re-instated to the GLCs and his crimes while he was possessed by Parallax have been dismissed.
The Green Lantern Crops is being restarted.
Guy and Hal join the Crops.
The end of this episode John comes home to Shayera and Rex.

Season 5 of the New Adventure Green Lantern is complete the next season the title will be changed to the Green Lantern Crops.
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