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  Friday, January 9th 2009 12:19 am  
» 2008 - The List: Revisited
About a year ago I posted this blog. Basically a list of everything I was looking forward to in 2008. Now it's time to recap and grade the year that was 2008.

  • January 31st -- LOST season four begins.

    The verdict: A good season.. not a great season by LOST standards. It was a short, only 14 episodes unlike the usual 23. It could have used a bit more Desmond. Like always, the season ended on a massive cliff hanger. Looking forward to season five.

    The grade: B+

  • February 3rd -- Super Bowl XLII. New England Patriots vs New York Giants.

    The verdict: In case you didn't know by now, the Giants won in upset fashion. Overall I was disappointed. I'm not really a Pats fan but I did want to see Randy Moss get a well-deserved ring. The commercials? So-so. The game itself? Pretty damn good.

    The grade: B

  • February 5th -- Devil May Cry 4 is released for the XBOX 360.

    The verdict: Never got a chance to play it. According to metacritic, it averaged 84% among published scores/reviews.

    The grade: N/A

  • February 10th -- Pro Bowl 2008. Go Adrian Peterson!

    The verdict: A really good Pro Bowl last year. Always nice to see the NFC win it. Even better to see a Viking rookie get the MVP vote in it. I'm not the biggest fan of the Pro Bowl but I quite enjoyed this one.

    The grade: A-

  • February 15th -- George A. Romero's "Diary of the Dead" hits theaters.

    The verdict: I ended up seeing it on DVD as no theatres nearby were playing it. Pretty good, although I love any zombie flick. The ending snuck up on me. I was sorta like, wait.. what.. it's over? If you dig zombies though, check it out.

    The grade: B

  • February 26th -- Lost: Via Domus is released for the XBOX 360.

    The verdict: Bought it, beat it, and sold it all within about 48 hours. Super short game. Not a bad game, just short. The story was superb, as it was tied in with the first two seasons of the show and revealed small, meaningless mysteries behind the plot. So yeah, a good game.

    The grade: A-

  • March 2nd -- New episodes of Frisky Dingo begin.

    The verdict: Season two of Frisky Dingo was freakin' awesome. New characters, the Killface/Xander Presidential race, and some seriously classic quotes ("All Americans want is cold beer, warm pussy, and a place to crap with a door"). I can't recommend this show enough.

    The grade: A+

  • March 4th -- Human Giant Season One DVD is released.

    The verdict: Bought it and loved it. The extras were great, although I wish they had included more of the 24 hour MTV marathon. A good buy for fans of sketch comedy.

    The grade: A-

  • March 7th -- "10,000 BC" hits theaters.

    The verdict: Never saw it. I read early reviews, cried a bit, and moved on.

    The grade: N/A

  • March 11th -- Season two of Human Giant kicks off.

    The verdict: Much like Frisky Dingo, the second season of Human Giant was fantastic. My only gripe was they didn't bring back the "Space Lords" sketch. But plenty of new mini-series and heaps of special guest stars made for a wicked season.

    The grade: A

  • March 11th -- The Imaginationland Trilogy DVD is released.

    The verdict: Naturally, awesome. The commentary by Matt and Trey is worth the price alone. Some extras make it all the better. Just about the closest you're going to get to another South Park movie.

    The grade: A-

  • March 11th -- Winning Eleven 2008 is released for the XBOX 360.

    The verdict: Bought it and loved it. Still playing it today, obviously, as 2009 isn't out yet. Many changes from 2007 and much better gameplay then FIFA.

    The grade: B+

  • March 12th -- Season twelve of South Park kicks off.

    The verdict: Season twelve kicked off with Tonsil Trouble and didn't stop until Super Fun Time. Whilst I believe the second half of 12 was better than the first, this was still a superb season. Britney Spears, Canada, AIDS, and boobs were just a few of the highlights.

    The grade: A-

  • March 25th -- Frisky Dingo Season One DVD is released.

    The verdict: YES, more Frisky! Of course, bought it and loved it. Although it's a pretty bare-bones DVD, who cares when you've got Xander Crews and Killface?

    The grade: B+

  • April 1st -- New Halo 3 maps are released.

    The verdict: The Legendary Map Pack, which ended up coming out on the 15th. Three new maps, one of which is Avalanche, a remake of a classic map from the original Halo. Still play them today.

    The grade: B+

  • Summer 2008 -- Stone Temple Pilots reunion tour.

    The verdict: Although the venue was an odd choice (Roy Wilkins Auditorium?), the show was great. The guys are getting a bit old and it showed at times but considering it might have been the last tour by STP ever, who cares?

    The grade: B

  • May 2nd -- "Iron Man" hits theaters.

    The verdict: Heh, I never saw this and still haven't. I heard it was great and I'll probably pick the DVD up sometime.

    The grade: N/A

  • May 21 -- The UEFA Champions League Final.

    The verdict: Oh no.. the Champions League Final. Chelsea lost to Manchester United.. in a penalty shoot out. I don't want to talk about this anymore..

    The grade: D-

  • June 7th -- UEFA EURO 2008 kicks off. Goes until the 29th.[/size]

    The verdict: Yay, Euro 2008. The World Cup of European nations. Germany made it to the final but lost to Spain. Another heartbreak after the Champions League but not as painful, as this is all about pride and respect for the countries.

    The grade: B

  • June 15th -- My 22nd birthday.

    The verdict: I don't really remember it but I suppose that's the point.

    The grade: N/A (lol)

  • July 18th -- "The Dark Knight" hits theaters.

    The verdict: The Dark Knight! What a movie! For a while there it was the top rated film on IMDb.com. Definitely one of the best of the year. Christian Bale rules. He's the best Batman ever.

    The grade: A

  • July 23rd -- 6th Annual 10,000 Lakes Festival aka [10klf].

    The verdict: Awww, ended up not going. Missed out on The Flaming Lips.

    The grade: N/A

  • August 8th -- "Pineapple Express" hits theaters.

    The verdict: Pineapple Express was pretty good. An interesting blend of comedy and action. I believe the DVD just came out, so I'll have to pick that up.

    The grade: B+

  • August 8th -- Summer Olympics in Beijin begin.

    The verdict: I watched very little of the Summer Olympics. Yay to USA getting the gold in basketball and soccer (womens) and yay to Phelps. Other than that, didn't care much.

    The grade: C+

  • October 3rd -- "Where the Wild Things Are" hits theaters.

    The verdict: Uhh.. I haven't heard anything about this movie since I wrote this..

    The grade: N/A

  • October 26th -- NFL regular season match to be held at Wembley Stadium in the United Kingdom.

    The verdict: Chargers and Saints. The end score was 37-32. That's good I suppose, lots of scoring makes the sport more exciting. I believe this match was much more successful than the previous attempt in Wembley. So yay to progress.

    The grade: B-

  • October 31st -- Halloween!

    The verdict: Much like my birthday, I don't remember much. Gotta love Halloween.

    The grade: N/A (lawl)

  • November 4th -- The 2008 United States Presidential Election.

    The verdict: Obama Yo Mama. I'll admit I'm pleased with the result. I really didn't think America had it in her but now I feel foolish for ever thinking that. Congrats to him and all that jazz. Now fix everything!

    The grade: B

  • December 12th -- "The Day the Earth Stood Still" remake hits theaters.

    The verdict: Piece. Of. crap.

    The grade: F

  • 2008 -- New Mudvayne album is released.

    The verdict: "The New Game" eventually came out in November. I wont talk about it much as it's somewhere on my albums of 2008 list.. which is coming soon! So stay tuned!

    The grade: B+

  • 2008 -- Radiohead tour.

    The verdict: Never got to see them. Yes, I'm very sad about that.

    The grade: N/A

  • 2008 -- "Zack and Miri Make a Porno," Kevin Smith's newest film, hits theaters.

    The verdict: I am so pissed I didn't get to see this in the theatres. I made numerous plans with friends but it always fell through. I plan on getting the DVD the day it hits shelves.

    The grade: N/A

  • 2008 -- New Mastodon album is released.

    The verdict: "Crack the Skye." That's the title. Unfortunately it isn't here yet. The album will have seven tracks, with an approximate total length of 50 minutes. Mastodon played a few of them at Bonnaroo.. which I am totally pissed I didn't go to.. but have since stopped, as they are worried they might get leaked on to the interweb. Really, REALLY looking forward to this one.

    The grade: N/A

Final Grade: A terrible remake of a classic movie aside, this was a pretty damn good year. The movies, TV shows, and music were all good. Not a standout year but still good. I give 2008 a..


And in case you missed it, I'll be posting a top albums of 2008 blog sometime in the near future.

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Posted on Friday, January 9th 2009 4:21 pm 
Nice idea, Ryan. Most of my "looking forward too" would be DVD's or sports related, so I guess I wouldn't bother making a list.

BTW, I loved Iron Man more tha Dark Night by a smidge. Robert Downey Jr. was simple superb as Iron Man and the action was non-stop. I also liked how they kept it light and humorous for most of the film. I can guarantee you will love the flick.

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Posted on Friday, January 9th 2009 8:51 pm 
I need to watch Iron Man again. My friend put it on, but we were distracted by her puppy. I also need to see Pineapple Express and Zack and Miri.

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Posted on Friday, January 9th 2009 11:50 pm 
Where The Wild Things Are hits theaters this year. They have pictures posted on IMDB. Very cool. Looks good.

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Posted on Saturday, January 10th 2009 10:16 am 
You gonna post a list saying what you're looking forward to THIS year? 'Cause that's on MY list of stuff to look forward to in 2009.

1. Ryan's new list.

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Posted on Saturday, January 10th 2009 2:10 pm 
Probably wont do one this year Cindy. Sorry. But you can always take the stuff that happens each year (birthday, Halloween, etc) and imagine my 2009 list, including things you think I would be looking forward to.

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Posted on Saturday, January 10th 2009 6:52 pm 
Oh, I do. I do.

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Posted on Saturday, January 17th 2009 6:49 pm 
More pictures were released from Where the Wild Things Are. *dies*

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Posted on Sunday, January 18th 2009 8:11 pm 


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