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if you wish to shorten my username i prefer to be caled Yue than sailor, but i dont really mind it. please do NOT scold me about poor spelling. its just a forum post. not a contribution, in which i DO check spelling. i a fast typer and i dont really pay attention. and also ocasionaly i use a cordless keyboard, in which the cordless mouse causes interception and making a letter skip ocasionaly. im really nice person, easy to get along with. ive been treated like crap on tv.com, but now for a fresh start here. if i get anoyed by someone, thats when i become cyncal and sarcastic, but otherwise im a very nice person. :) my pet collection: movietome.com/movietome/servlet/UserProfile/userid-1007083 since 2/6/06 | Virtual Pets | Games

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It's my 21st birthday!!! -- posted on August 2, 2006
Yup. im finaly "legal" XD. not that i have money or a lisense to do anyhting. still, being 21 is cool i guess. ^o^. ive made many new friends in the past year, new shows and animes. well...i dont know what else to say, so TTFN! Comment >>

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